Thursday, March 31, 2011

Championship-Women of Real World/Road Rules Tourney

Special Note:

Thank you for everyone that has been viewing and voting in the Women of Real World/Road Rules Tourney! If you're new here, with the help of three other friends of mine, were able to come up with 64 women covering the history of both shows to be part of the tournament. We each randomly took 16 women to make our own bracket. Now we're down to the last two of these beauties, Svetlana from Real World: Key West and Cara Maria from Fresh Meat: 2. Right now we're sitting at well over 20,000 views so keep them coming! Voting for this last round will go on til Wednesday @ Midnight so promote and vote to make sure your favorite woman wins. Good luck!!

The link to the actual bracket is below here, you'll be going there to place your votes. The bracket was done in a 1-64 format and not your traditional 1-16 for each region.

The blog is to post the matchups and pictures so you know who you're voting for. The number with the pound sign is their seeding in the region they are in, the number in the parenthesis is their seeding when you are making your vote. This is NOT an overall seeding.

Voting Takes Place Here

#1 (3) Svetlana RW: Key West (@MTVSvetlanaS)


#4 (20) Cara-Maria RR: Fresh Meat 2 (@MissCaraMaria)

Voting Takes Place Here

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