Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Female Sports Fan (or Groupie)

an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity

an ardent fan of a celebrity or of a particular activity

I know this has been beaten more than a repeat offender runaway slave as well as it being a pretty sensitive topic altogether, but I feel the need to address this: The Female Sports Fan. For some reason, trying to distinguish a real female fan from a fake one (groupie) seems to be a sport in itself. Why is it that a woman can't like sports for the sake of liking sports? The answer to that is pretty simple: women and sports wasn't always a common mix as it is now. Some males just outright dismiss the fact that a woman can be a sports fanatic outside of just simply wanting to sleep with athletes. For the others, it's just all about taking some getting used to. Over time, more and more women are not only becoming legit avid fans of sports, but playing them. For every male pro league there is around the world, there's a woman league right beside it. So now it's not as taboo as it once was, although still a hot topic between the two sexes. Whenever a man finds out that a woman is a self-proclaimed sports fan, that's when the questionnaire happens.

It starts off with "How did you become a fan of said sport/team?" Three answers are usually heard. 1) I was raised on the sport by the way of brothers or my father. 2) I played sports growing up. 3) I found a certain player attractive. If you answer with either #1 or #2, a barrage of questions comes in testing your sports knowledge. Ranging from "who's your team's all-time leading scorer" to "name the Quarterback depth chart in order". Questions that man probably doesn't even know himself, but yet he wants to test the woman. Funny. Although I do understand why men feel the need to test a woman when it comes to sports. It's to see if you really know what you're talking about. That simple. It's not necessarily because you are a woman, because men do it to each other too. But when a man hears answer #3: Because I think "so and so" is fine, all credibility goes out the window. I know I'm not the only male who gets annoyed when the following exchange happens:

Man: So, who's your favorite team?
Woman: The Saints!
Man: Oh really? What brought you to like them?
Woman: Reggie Bush!
Man: he your favorite player?
Woman: Umm, not really I just think he's fine so I root for him.


Woman: What?
Man: So you know nothing else about the Saints except the fact you think Reggie Bush is fine?
Woman: Umm...yea.

Really? You're cheering for someone because they're FINE? Oh. Sorry, excuse me I thought this was a sporting event and not a model show. If all you can think about is how good someone looks and not care about the outcome of the game, you're a groupie. There's no getting around that. When men ask you these questions that's what we're trying to determine: are you a fan or a groupie? They have every right to question you and see if you're a credible fan or not. For me at least, it's insulting when a woman's sole reason to cheer on a team because they think a certain player is attractive w/o any knowledge of said team and expect us men to take her seriously.

Whatever brings you into the sport is fine with me, the more the merrier. If you became a Steelers fan (not a groupie) because you fell for Troy Palomalu's luxurious locks and boyish good looks then that's cool. Just be a REAL fan. Learn the rules, the ins and outs, learn about the OTHER players on the team, around the league. Just absorb all the knowledge you can. Be able to hold a conversation if you're going to consider yourself a "fan". That's all we ask as men, so when we ask you these questions that's what we are expecting. A fan. Not a crazed groupie who roots for a team because of how one player on the team looks. You honestly look foolish, thirsty, and desperate. Especially, once again stressing, if you have no idea as to what's going on in the game. The more you know, the more respect you'll gain. It's a simple concept. If you've taken offense to this then I suggest you just start watching more sports or repeat after me: I am not a fan, I am a groupie.


  1. If you watch the sport because you lust after the players but you don't sleep with them or try to are you a groupie?

  2. Great post!!! Couldnt have said it any better myself!