Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movies To See-December 17th

To be completely honest, I wasn't TOO fond with this week's movie releases outside of Tron: Legacy of course. Although, new films from top actors such as Kevin Spacey and Nicole Kidman can't be all too bad so I'll be covering those as well since they have limited releases and did pique my interest enough. "How Do You Know" and the "Yogi Bear" remake aren't really my cup of tea but I expect cheesy couples and parents to tune into each movie respectively regardless. But this week is REALLY all about the groundbreaking technology that comes out of Walt Disney Pictures.

Tron: Legacy

Continuing with the trend of sequals done 20 years later, Walt Disney joins the fray by dusting off one of their biggest cult hits "Tron" and brings us "Tron: Legacy". The movie introduces us to Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers and Troy) who enters the world of Tron to save his father Kevin played by Jeff Bridges who reprises his role as the creator of the Tron world that has now turned against him. They both team up with a creation of Kevin's by the name of Quorra played by Olivia Wilde. The trailer alone, plus with the soundtrack done by electronica group Daft Punk, has everyone as giddy as school children right now. I'm one of them, I can't even front. Regardless, this visual masterpiece is easily this year's "Avatar" with mind-blowing SFX and a weak storyline. There's already been a slew of movie reviews knocking the plot but we all know that's not going to be this movie's strongest point. I just want to see the amazing light show and state-of-the-art technology that went into making this film so hopefully the trailer isn't just for show.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole tells the story of a married couple played by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart who are dealing with the loss of their son due to a car accident. The film was adapted from a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and Tony award winning play. I'm assuming Lionsgate is figuring by tagging big-name actors such as Kidman and Eckhart this modern day "Reservation Road"-esque story can nab a few late award noms with is tragic and dramatic tale.

Casino Jack

Already being labeled as Kevin Spacey's most brilliant role since "American Beauty" *rolls eyes* (I've heard THAT before), Casino Jack is the true story of "super lobbyist" Jack Abramoff (Spacey) and his parter Michael Scanlon (Barry Pepper) who swindle and cheat their way through the business world by striking deals with the world's most powerful and richest people in the world. They were getting by just fine living the luxurious life until they come across mob affiliated associate played by Jon Lovitz that brings about a tornado of scandal and even a prison sentence.

And now to close with some Olivia Wilde eye candy:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movies To See-December 10th

Welcome back to "Movies To See". If this is your first time, basically what I do is offer a brief summary along with a trailer of the week's movie releases I think are worth seeing. Simple as that. Just trying to spread the word on some movies with my own insight as well as put you on some films that might not get as much buzz but are still well worth seeing.

The Fighter

I'm a huge boxing fan and have been looking forward to this one for a while. Mark Wahlberg plays boxer Micky Ward during the 1980s, the movie is an early look at him before he went pro and trained by his half-brother who is portrayed by Christian Bale. Amy Adams also appears as Ward's love interest, so the cast is star studded and should prove to be a box-office hit. Behind the camera is David O. Russell who's last hit was I Heart Huckabees, a movie he did with Wahlberg. Maybe the reunited pair can garner some Oscar buzz once again?

The Tourist

Johnny Depp plays Frank, a recently heart-broken man who travels to Venice in order to getaway from it all and ends up running into the beautiful Angelina Jolie who plays Elise. First off...Johnny Depp doesn't get heartbroken, he breaks hearts. Secondly, I wish during my breakups I can just go to Venice and run into someone as hot as Angelina Jolie. The celebrities have all the luck, don't they? Anywho, this action-comedy has all the fixings with a twisted plot, action, and a eye dropping stunts along with two good-looking and talented stars doing what they do best. Depp as the bumbling but charming hero in distress and Jolie in her usual ass-kicking and sultry role. With the background being in Italy, this movie has the making of being a visual sideshow filled with laughs and thrills. In simpler terms, "Day and Knight" another movie I enjoyed but with reversed gender roles.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We pick up on the story with Lucy and Edmund Pevensie's return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader heading towards the Edge of the World to complete their quest. Of course along the way they battle mythical creatures such as dragons and dwarves that try and stop them from making it to their final destination.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movies To See-November 26th-Dec 3rd

Welcome back to another weekly installment of "Movies To See". I missed last week due to just being simply exhausted from the holidays and working so much so I'm doing a double entry by combining this week's new releases along with last week's just in case some of you haven't seen them. We got movies for the fellas, the ladies, as well as the kids. The December 3rd week is loaded with Oscar hopefuls...that are of course limited releases so you probably won't see any of these movies anyway unless you live in NY/Chicago/LA/Dallas or don't mind traveling 30-40 miles out to a theater that's actually playing them.



Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton both make their big screen returns in the high-octane action film "Faster". Johnson plays an ex-con who actually isn't given a real name but is known as "Driver" who is targeting a gang who killed his brother who were double crossed during a heist years ago. During his killing spree, he is chased by a hit-man and a veteran cop played by Thornton. Pretty simple, and that's how these types of action films should be. Simple plot and lots of action. If you're an action junkie such as myself I recommend seeing this film. It has all the fixings of the old school action flicks such as "Commando" and "The Killer" that serve up non-stop thrills and gun fights with as little dialogue as possible which I myself love. Sometimes you need an escape from the drama and want to have fun, and that's what "Faster" does.

Love And Other Drugs

I'll admit, I'm not really not a hopeless romantic. At all. I'm not heartless, I'm just like 91% of the male population who isn't in tune with his feelings. "Love And Other Drugs" doesn't really speak to me like it would the other 9% of the male population as well as 100% of women, nonetheless it looks like a pretty solid romantic dramady that will have your heart a-flutter and sporting that cheesy grin throughout. When you have two charming actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway it's pretty easy to carry a film, despite its genre. Check the trailer out and see if this is something worth while. I just don't see myself personally rushing out to theaters to see this one, since I'm a straight single male.


This time it's Disney's turn at the helm of animated CGI graphics with "Tangled" otherwise known as the story of "Rapunzel". The movie is very kid friendly with a few touches of adult humor to keep the older crowd entertained as well. The trailer pretty much speaks for itself and if you never had a childhood and never heard of the story of "Rapunzel" then I just feel sorry for you and your parents suck.


The Warrior's Way

A ninja assassin leaves his clan due to refusing to complete a mission and they are hot on his trail. He arrives in America, hoping he has seen the last of them but he soon realizes he is wrong. Not only does he have to deal with them, he also has to deal with gun-slinging cowboys. Yes. Ninjas. Versus. Cowboys. Many frown on cheesy set-ups like this but I say what took so damn long?! Jang Dong-gun is the assassin and is making his debut into American cinema. What I'm more so looking forward to is how he'll be received here in the states since he's easily the biggest star in his home country of Korea and rules the Chinese box office. Can he become the next Jackie Chan?

Black Swan

I previewed this movie a few months back and I'm disappointed that this has a limited release for its opening weekend, hopefully it builds momentum into a wide release before the new year. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, we embark on the tale of a veteran ballerina dancer by the name of Nina played by Natalie Portman. Nina is up for the lead role in Swan Lake but is challenged by a new coming rival by the name of Lily who is played by Mila Kunis. Lily and Nina's ballet instructor, Thomas Leroy played by Vincent Cassel pits them against one another in order to see who will come out on top. In doing so, this brings out a dark nature that Lily isn't known for and sends her in a downward spiral. As you can see by the trailer it's not your typical thriller and seems to have some psychological elements to it as well. It looks like a sure-fire winner and I hope it does well in theaters since Aronofsky hasn't been able to live up to "Requiem For A Dream", hands down his best work to date. I also want to take a moment to *swoon* over Mila Kunis:

Moving on.

All Good Things

"All Good Things" tells the tale of Gosling's character, David Marks, who is the heir of the Marks Estate behind his father portrayed by Frank Langella. Gosling falls for Katie (Kirsten Dunst) and ends up marrying her who is not of the same social status as the Marks family. Things turn for the worst when a murder case opens up that traces back to David that could destroy him as well as his family's legacy. The film has created quite the Oscar buzz and is being heavily campaigned. If anyone, it'll be Gosling out of the cast to get another nomination for "Best Actor" since he's playing his usual off-beat but charming usual self as he did in "The Notebook". *shudders*

I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carrey plays a lucrative con-man who finally gets caught and sentenced to prison. While there, he meets convict, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor) and realizes he's gay and they fall in love. Problem is, Carrey's jail sentence is cut short and he is sent back to society promising Phillip that he'll break him out of jail. Which he does and they both live a life behind crime and running from the cops hot on their tail. I'm glad "I Love You Phillip Morris" was able to make it past the frightened major movie studios who didn't want to touch the gay-themed romantic comedy. Despite the fact the gay characters are led by respected and talented Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, who are proven box-office hits as well as having the script written by "Bad Santa" Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Regardless of the characters' sexual orientation, this true story adapted for film still looks highly entertaining and I'm hoping it does well in the mainstream.

Night Catches Us

Last up, is what I feel is the strongest and most powerful movie in this holiday season is "Night Catches Us". Dating back to Philadephia of '76, Anthony Mackie plays Marcus a former Black Panther who returns to his neighborhood after he mysteriously disappeared years ago. His past begins to catch up with him in the form of accusations of orchestrating a murder of a fellow Panther. An old flame played by Kerry Washington decides to help him as well as rekindle their love. Tanya Hamilton should more than likely nab a few Independent Film Award noms and I'm praying that she is able to at least garner some Oscar buzz for this film. Not too many black directors out there, let alone female black directors with the skills and vision that of Tanya Hamilton. I'm rooting for her and the success of this film despite its release being severely limited only to the LA/NY/Philadelphia areas. If you happen to live in those cities or are even visiting I strongly suggest seeing this film and support black filmmakers who have a positive message outside of the "John Singletons" and "Tyler Perrys" in the film world.

And now I end this blog with some Kerry Washington swoonage