Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movies To See-November 5th

It's another week, which means another preview of my select "Movies To See" for this weekend. It's "Oscar Season" which means production companies are making a final push to get nominated for next year's Academy Awards that roughly translates into some great cinema. November is jumping off right with a kids movie, couple comedies (one going for Honorable Mention) and also a few dramas, one that could score a couple Oscar noms themselves. This weekend just looks like a movie packed weekend, not sure who's gonna come out on top come Monday out of this group. So let's get to the trailers shall we?


From the wonderful minds of Dreamworks Animation, they bring you their latest "Megamind". Of course it's in 3-D, why wouldn't it be?! Anywho, the story behind this charming film is the evil Megamind is forced to save the city when his rival, the goody-two shoes Metroman, goes through a mental breakdown and leaves the city defenseless against a new foe. Will Megamind be able to save the city and gain the trust of the civilians he's tortured countless times? Definitely looks like a film filled with laughs and enough silly anticts to keep the young kid crowd entertained. And did I mention it's in 3-D?!?

Due Date

A straight forward businessman is trying to make it home in time to see the birth of his child but is forced to drive across country with an aspiring actor after he finds out he's placed on the "No-Fly List". Sounds kinda boring and mundane, right? Now add Robert Downey Jr. as the businessman and Zach Galifianakis as the aspiring actor and you got yourself a road trip buddy comedy movie! The trailer shows some pretty funny moments, I'm hoping this isn't it for the film which is usually the case with comedies as of lately. "They're only as funny as the trailer shows." But with these two star actors as well as an appearance by Jamie Foxx maybe "Due Date" will be a late season comedy winner.

127 Hours

From the director who brought you "Slumdog Millionaire", one of my favorite films, Danny Boyle brings you "127 Hours". Based on a true story, James Franco in his most daring role yet plays mountain climber Aron Ralston who becomes trapped underneath a boulder while in Utah and tries to survive. Sounds like "Castaway" but just in a desert setting. Which means more drama than your mama can handle due to the extreme circumstances. This is actually a true story that you can read about HERE, but forewarned if you do go to that link and have never heard of The Aron Ralston Story you will spoil the movie, since it IS a true story. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see how the film is portrayed and seeing James Franco play such a serious and dramatic role as opposed to his two earlier films in Pineapple Express and Date Night. This is actually one of my Oscar favorites with possibly having James Franco nabbing a possible Leading Actor Nom?

For Colored Girls

I'm against pretty much any and everything Tyler Perry since I'm more of a diverse writer as to Perry's knack to only "cater to the black folks". Despite this, him taking on "For Colored Girls" I have a slight respect for him now since this is far from his comfort zone with the heartfelt churchy drama-comedies he's so well known for. The once novel, turned play, now turned film is shot in the views of different women portraying one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular. I enjoy the concept and awareness that the film would bring as opposed to the lesser known book and play amongst smaller circles. Maybe this film can project Perry into being taken more serious as a filmmaker...maybe.

Fair Game

A spy movie unlike any other...because it's actually a true story. Usually these true-story spy movies miss their mark since they're not filled with explosives and sexy women a la James Bond and *insert Angelina Jolie action film* but I still suggest this one. A bit of backstory, if you're not into politics then you may have missed out on The Valerie Plame Affair, which Wikipedia does a very good job of covering so don't hate on the link source lol. "Fair Game" brings the Plame Affair which happened in 2003 to the big screen, in short Valarie Plame (played by Naomi Watts) is a CIA agent who is under cover to find the existence of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) during the Bush Administration years. She later on discovers her identity allegedly leaked by the same administration as payback for an op-ed article her husband Robert Novak (played by Sean Penn) wrote criticizing the Bush administration. Did I mention that this is a TRUE STORY?! I'm plenty shocked that this case was able to make it past the greenlight stage. It may not be the perfect depiction of the Plume Affair, but nonetheless I believe this is a film everyone should try and see to get a real insight on how Bush's "beloved" administration really got down. And you right-wing activist say Obama's administration is crooked, filled with liars, cheats and not getting anything done? But I digress...moving on.

Four Lions (Honorable Mention)

This comedy is about four friends who are also Jihadists that attempt to carry out an attack on northern England...and simply fucking up along the way. I actually found the trailer hilarious since I enjoy foreign comedies and their off-beat sense of humor that's similar to my own (In Bruges and Monty Python). I think this movie is a limited release though since I wasn't able to find it anywhere in the area that I live, might have to catch this one on DVD or online somewhere.

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