Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movies To See-November 12th

This week in "Movies To See" we have an action thriller headlined by an Academy Award winner, a coming-of-middle-age/romantic comedy of sorts starring my ultimate white girl crush...and a few vets but more importantly my ultimate white girl crush, and an alien sci-fi action flick that MAY surprise some folks in a good way. So pretty much a melting pot of flicks at your disposal, which ever tickles your fancy but I hope all three do and you'll check them out in due time.


The plot device is simple enough: two guys must stop a runaway train carrying chemical explosives before it explodes and destroys everything in it's blast radius...including a train that is carrying approximately 150 school children on a field trip just to heighten the drama. "Unstoppable" is a bit more than "Speed" on a train track so don't think you're in for "Deja Vu" (see what I did there?). For starters, it has a more prestigious lead actor by the name of Denzel Hayes Washington. You know, one of the best to ever do it? That guy. This time the proverbial eye candy isn't a foxy dame in distress like Sandra Bullock, despite Rosario Dawson playing a role, it's young and upcoming action star Chris Pine (Star Trek, Smoking Aces). Not my cup of tea, but the ladies might get a kick out of him. We all love thrills, chills, and witty banter so between our two heroes (Washington and Pine) I'm sure this movie will provide many of them especially with Tony Scott (Man On Fire) leading the way as director. Just don't expect any award-winning performances and you'll be fine.

Morning Glory

Before I begin...*swoons at Rachel McAdams in boyshorts* ANYWHO...the ever so lovely and talented Rachel McAdams plays a beginner television producer of a struggling morning show with feuding hosts played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. There on-screen dynamic is actually very charming and endearing, you can't go wrong with those two in anything really, let alone together. The film centers around McAdams's character as she slowly gets deeper into her work and neglects those around her, especially boyfriend Patrick Wilson. Ford's character knows exactly how she feels since he's been there and helps her along with himself. Will McAdams be able to balance work and her personal life? Who cares, she's wearing boyshorts! No but seriously, this film is well written by Aline McKenna of "The Devil Wears Prad"a and one of my favorite and oft slept-on romantic comedies "Three To Tango". Directed by Roger Michell and produced by JJ Abrams should make it quite the quirky and interesting film. Did I mention Jeff Goldblum and 50 Cent also play in this movie? Weird right? Guys should be okay with their lady friends dragging them to see this...since Rachel McAdams is in boyshorts.


"Skyline" is a sci-fi thriller that has aliens from a far away galaxy that issue an attack on Earth by using a light force that draws the humans to their ships in order to destroy everyone on the planet. As rundown as this storyline is, we just can't get enough of these movies. Skyline comes off like one of those movies that was just good enough to make it past the SyFy channel and onto the big screen. Nonetheless, the SFX (special effects) team called Hydraulx behind 300, Benjamin Button, and the record blockbuster hit Avatar also show up for "Skyline". If you're looking for a lavish storyline then you won't find it here, but if you want to see some state-of-the-art SFX and amazing action sequences then "Skyline" is right up your alley.

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