Monday, November 1, 2010

Making of Skeeter Valentine

As most of you know by now, I was Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine from the '90s Nickelodean cartoon "Doug" for Halloween.

I'll like to take you through the making of my costume with a couple pictures that I took along the way:

This is the shirt I bought from the website My Party Shirt for $14.95. I also bought these shorts that I didn't take a picture of so you can click on the link to see them. They were $13.95. My Party Shirt is also just a good site period, I found some pretty nifty costumes and shirts surfing the site so check it out if you're into the vintage tee look.

I was unable to find red fabric for some odd reason so I just decided last second to take an old red shirt that I had no intention of ever wearing again in order to make Skeeter's shorts. Hence the black sharpie circle and scissors. What I used with the help of my roommate's girlfriend, Sarah, is a couple bobby pins and this is the finished product of said shorts:

Now it was time for me to make the shoes. I had an OLD ass pair of white Airwalks from I don't know when and I grabbed a tube of yellow and red face paint from a Halloween store that cost me $1.99 per tube. This is before I was fully finished with them, but you got the idea:

*bangs on a trash can and drums on a street light for the drumroll*

And now...the finished product!

To paint myself green, I used some of that same face paint I mentioned earlier that was $1.99 which only took one green tube to cover my face, neck, ears, arms, and legs. Overall I spent a grand total of $41.07 to create my costume. I had a fun time making it, the best part actually was painting the shoes. Took a long longer than I thought it would to paint them but I'm glad at how they came out in the final product. I received a lot of compliments for the creativity and originality of the costume which I had hoped for. I wasn't prepared for the amount of people who REALLY thought I was either The Hulk or The Flash at first until I told them who I was lol. I'm already thinking of my costume for next year, which just maybe another Nickelodean character...maybe, what do you guys think?


  1. man im all up on my party shirt.... its over for that website. bout to buy all type of shirts and shit i dont need