Friday, October 22, 2010

Movies To See-October 22th

October 22nd

Paranormal Activity 2

A sequel to the original without a plot overview (trust me I've looked) but it's basically the same with a different family being haunted by a demonic presence in their new home. If you enjoyed the first one, then you most certainly will love the "sequel" or more accurately put another installment in the Paranormal Activity series.


Directed by Oscar winner Clint Eastwood, three different people are touched by death in different ways. These three roles are played by Matt Damon, Ceclie De France, and Bryce Dallas Howard with Damon playing a retired psychic who is somehow tied to everyone. Not much is being said as to what exactly, but this powerful trailer and with the film being led by Clint Eastwood is surely enough to reign in some viewers and leave them satisfied.

Company Men

A drama centered around three middle age men over the course of a year who were all laid off from their jobs as they contemplate on what to do next with their lives and struggle going from $100,000 salaries to almost a fifth of what they once earned. Supposedly, this film is to hit home with unemployed Americans during these tough economic times. I think the film will be solid, but it won't relate to as many people as it had hoped.

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