Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Media Revolution Part 2: Taking A Stand

Blogger's Note: I wrote part 1 a couple months ago and you can read that here. This is the continuation of that blog, finally found something worth attacking this issue that I feel strongly about.

Kanye West released an approx 35 minute short film entitled "Runaway". I just finished watching and I must retract my previous statement in saying "It made no sense as a whole" and say it actually made sense, damn near perfect sense actually but I still have one problem with it as minor as it is I feel the need to point it make my own point. It was so poorly constructed in order to make its point, which was one of the most overdone storylines in history: Seeing the world for what it really is and choosing to either go the path what you choose or conforming w/ opinions that others have of you. As relatable as this storyline is, 'Ye may or may not have been able to fully grasp what he wanted to convey because it came off like a jumbled random mess. But...let's say that's exactly what he was going for. If he was, then Kanye basically just sent a huge "FUCK YOU" to any and everyone who has one negative thought not about him, but about the way he goes about living HIS life and the way HE chooses to express himself through HIS art. And for that I give him a standing ovation in taking this route ESPECIALLY with the way not only the music industry is, the way entertainment is as a whole.

Right now, media entertainment is all about making a quick buck no matter how it's done. Originality and basically being yourself artistically is being frowned upon and not taken as serious as someone who is able to make a catchy tune or get a few cheap laughs by saying something totally outrageous. Soulja Boy and Lil' Duval, I'm talking to you. All popular music sounds the same, all films that have been created as of late are either remakes of movies made back in the 70s-90s or adaptations of novels and any and almost everything that is on television is in some form of reality, even CSI. That's right, most of those cases are gathered from REAL cases and are just acted out on camera as I'm sure most of you already know. Once again, not expressing any sense of real originality. And this is our main source of entertainment! I don't see why this doesn't bother anyone as much as it does me, but I digress. Reason being underneath all the mumbo jumbo trash, there are some real music artists and filmmakers out there who aren't about the quick buck and fame, they just want to entertain you the best way they know how: through themselves. This is the style that I believe we should be embracing. It's tough to try and explain to millions of people what you feel artistically, but that shouldn't stop you from doing it. Obviously, 'Ye has no issue with this whatsoever. After watching this video, I've grown an admiration for dude. I respect him on a whole higher level. Reason being is because he went against the rules. He didn't dare to be the same, nor to be purposely different, he dared to be HIMSELF. And I think it's about time someone of his clout gave the entertainment industry both middle fingers. There's more artists out there like Kanye who are doing this so don't think it's just him leading this media revolution. Because mine are up too and will stay up as long as my hands will let me.

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