Sunday, September 5, 2010

MIxtape Feature-Ne Plus Ultra Blend

Going to feature new mixtapes and albums as often as I can via my blogsite, trying to branch out in as many avenues as I can.

My first mixtape/album is from an artist by the name of Lyve Martyr (@_Lyve) featuring Ron Rezon (@rezon3) and others with mixes done by DJ Strategy entitled Ne Plus Ultra Blend that you can find HERE. The emcees on this mixtape are all devout Christians and the majority of the material if not all would be categorized as Christian hip-hop. I haven't heard too much Christian hip-hop, but I must stay I was honestly surprised by how this mixtape turned out. Taking beats from 9th Wonder, Lupe Fiasco's "Beaming", and Common's "Universal Mind Control" (which I wish they went longer on since I love that beat) to name a few that I'm sure you'll recognize, these emcees put it down and I was throughly impressed by the talent laden on this mixtape. It was very refreshing and filled with such positivity, especially since mainstream hip hop consists of the likes of Gucci and Rick Ross ruling the radio it was nice to listen to something opposite of their lyrical content. I recommend you readers click on the links above and follow these emcees as well as listen/download their mixtape. I already have and currently transferring the songs to my Blackberry after this review.

Favorite tracks: The Entrance,, my.story, Art of Storytelling, Beaming, Crash Course, SHAKE! (my favorite track of all), Put It On, Ne Plus Flow, Questions, D.A.N.C.E., Mind Control, Relationships, Seriously Tho, shadowboxing, Unthinkable

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