Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Better Than You-Mixtape Review

After losing his laptop which had all of his beats and mixes and facing multiple delays due to production issue, we finally have "I'm Better Than You" by Bronx born and raised MC Mickey Factz who was listed as one of the Freshman of XXL's Class of '09. But, Mickey Factz has actually been around in the game for going on 5 years now and has released eight mixtapes to date, including the one under the microscope entitled "I'm Better Than You" hosted by Hot 97's DJ Enuff. The narcissistic title isn't necessarily a stab at other rappers, but more so a stab at the former Mickey Factz who is taking a stand in saying he is indeed better than the old him. As you go through the mixtape you'll hear Mickey preach on this especially in "Diamond Dust" and "Melodic Nightmares". I've been an avid fan of Mickey Factz for a few years now, and I must say this is the best and freshest he's sounded since his debut mixtape In Search Of N.E.R.D. Mickey's style is very eclectic and his production team understood that and delivered as well as his bars. If I HAD to find a fault with the mixtape is that I felt "Light Up" and "Empty Bottle" threw off the flow of the tape for me. "Amnesia", which was also from his Dark Phoenix mixtape should have been replaced with "Contemplation of Kings". If you take a listen to the song, I think it fits the "I'm Better Than You" theme more so than "Amnesia". Overall, the mixtape has everything for everyone from the smoothed down "Interlove/Friend Zone" and "Trinity" to bangers such as "We Young" and "Legend". You can download the mixtape HERE as well as take a look at the official tracklisting below here. In bold print are some of my personal favs.

1.Diamond Dust
2.I'm Better Than You (Feat. Steve-O)
4.Paradise Remix (Feat. Fat Joe & Bun B)
5.We Young
6.Showin Love (Feat. Count Jus)

7.Light Up
8.Empty Bottle
10.Friend Zone (Feat. Redd Stylez & Lundon)

12.Mona Lisa (feat. Chester French & Kara Rose)
14.Get By (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
16.Melodic Nightmares

17.Mind Got Blown (Feat. B.o.B.)

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