Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Movie Trailers as of 8/21/2010

Here are some of my favorite movie trailers as of today I just finished viewing on IMDB. A little side note I'd like to highlight is that the following trailers all feature young women as the main character. I'm pretty hyped about that since there aren't too many of them out there. But that's another topic, enjoy the trailers!

Case 39

Renee Zellweger plays a social worker who saves a girl from her abusive family, but turns out there's more to the girl than meets the eye. Also stars Jodelle Ferland and Bradley Cooper. October 1st, 2010 release date. Looks like a pretty decent horror flick that mixes in a lot of elements from past movies of the like. May not be a total original idea, but there are some innovative scenes based of the trailer alone. (3 stars)

Black Swan

Natalie Portman takes the role of a veteran ballerina going for the lead role in Swan Lake and befriends a new dancer played by Mila Kunis as they embark down a twisted path of deception, obsession and...well, you'll see at the end of the video. Also starring Winona Ryder and Vincent Cassel. The director is Darren Aronofsky who directed two movies I feel are vastly underrated, The Wrestler and Requiem For A Dream, based off that I'm willing to bet this will surprise a lot of folks. December 1st, 2010 release date. (4 stars)

Fair Game

Naomi Watts plays a CIA agent who's CIA job is in jeopardy by White House officials who are allegedly out to discredit her husband after he wrote a 2003 New York Times op-ed piece saying that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq. For the subject matter alone I give this at least 3 stars. The fact Naomi Watts AND Sean Penn play the lead roles pushes this to a 4.5 rating for me. November 5th, 2010 limited release date (not shocked by the "limited" part at all)

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