Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Media Revolution Part 1: Facing The Problem

"Imagination should never lose out to reality as a source of entertainment. It's okay to laugh at life's circumstances, but you should never make a spectacle of it."

Over the course of the past 10 years or more the lack of quality entertainment has declined and reality television and entertainment news such as TMZ, Jersey Shore and For the Love of *Insert Celebrity* to name a few have become the mainstream source of entertainment in our society. The age of the sitcom (Seinfeld) and hour-long drama (Battlestar Galactica) are slowly dying out as shows like Bad Girls Club and The Bachelor rule the airwaves. It's not just television, this is also being shown in movies, music, the internet, and even in sports.

The over exposure of the mundane and everyday drama of one's life has run rampant and has now been indirectly socially labeled as the norm and flipped as one's source of merriment. Every once in a while we receive a truly remarkable story but more often that naught it gets lost in the masses that is the tomfoolery that is being exposed during one's everyday life. Are other people's problems really that interesting that we look for it to appease our appetite for a few shits and giggles? When did this drastic shift happen, and more so why has it happened? Where has the originality and creativity gone in the world that no longer piques our interests but would rather see how many times a woman on Maury Povich goes on the show to see who's the father of her child? Has the well run dry on original ideas that we need to reboot movie franchises and slap some 3D graphics on it in order to fill seats in the theaters again?

So many questions, so many problems. So I will breakdown in my opinion these issues as to why the quality of innovative media entertainment is a dying art form in a series of blogs. This is part one, just simply addressing the issue. I will try my best to address these questions and use more specific examples in order to state my point in later posts. This is a serious issue folks, one that is changing the face of our society and I'm fearful it is reaching a point of no return. Unless we as a unit become more than we are worth and realize our true potential that we deserve better quality entertainment, these outlets of ridiculousness will continue to grow. I'm sure to most of you that sounds like a wonderful idea, but to me it doesn't. And deep down you know it's not a good thing for this to happen either. I have a lot to say on this topic as you can probably already tell, so bare with me as I sort through my thoughts and the vast amounts of trash in order to make sense of it all. It's hard tackling a social issue alone that's obviously way bigger than you and to simplify it in Layman's terms. But I'm going to try.

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