Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding "Love" In The Club

Just about 20 minutes ago I was jamming to one of my favorite Usher songs "Traffic" from his Raymond vs Raymond LP and then I realized that pretty much every R&B song today follows this phenomenon that you can actually FIND love in a club. I'm not talking about your chic lounges where the sophisticated go to for Happy Hour to unwind from their tough work days. I'm talking about the rundown and raggedy clubs that play Soulja Boy sets for 45 minutes that host wells liquor such as Juan Cervantes-Lopez-Suarez instead of Jose Cuervo. People actually have the audacity to be looking for love in places like this. And I blame the state of today's music, more so the state of today's R&B. There's worse songs than "Traffic", which is actually more so about a guy seeing a girl in a club and he just wants to have a chance to talk to her. Nothing wrong with that, pretty normal. I'm talking about songs like Akon's "Beautiful", another Usher track "Love In This Club", Dream's "Rockin' That Thang", T-Pain's "Bartender" (shoutout to @MissCindyBabyyy for that song) need I go on?

Can we not have R&B music that has a dude "falling in love in the club"? What's wrong w/ falling in love mid-conversation on a train or in Barnes and Nobel? I'm sure "club" has more words to rhyme with than "Barnes and Nobel" so I guess that could be why. There's an exception to every rule though, one of my best friends met his wife at a club. Going on 2 years next March and are happy as can be. I'm just saying don't go pick the girl that's on stage lifting her Ed Hardy dress up and then get mad when she plays you for a DJ. I say pick the girl that's standing in the corner w/ a drink in her hand bored as hell. She's your best shot as a potential girlfriend. And if I have to explain why you chose the "bored" woman over the Ed Hardy woman in a club then stick w/ Ed Hardy.

Personally, I'd like to meet a woman at a Farmer's Market or better yet the DVD section at Best Buy as she picks up the latest Little Brother CD. I approach her holding the same CD, we make eye contact realizing that we are meant to be together forever and then I bust out in song in the middle of the store with random employees joining in a huge breakdown dance number as I profess my "love" for her. We finish this musical number in the parking lot and I get her number. I lean in to really seal the deal for a kiss BUT I wake up from my daydream by Bertha the Best Buy cashier calling for next in line as she's walking out the door holding hands w/ her douchebag boyfriend wearing Ed Hardy with the new Plies and T-Pain CDs. The good guy loses again. Directed by Hype Williams.

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