Sunday, July 11, 2010

30 Letters In 30 Days-Day 9, Someone I'd Like To Meet

Dear Leonardo Da Vinci,

First off, I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time and "reading" this letter. You have always been an inspiration to me (and the title of my blog site) ever since my senior year of high school and I caught first glimpse of your Vitruvian Man drawing in a book. Ever since then, I became interested in your works as well as the Renaissance period as a whole especially the writings of Rene Descartes and John Milton. I was so interested I took Renaissance/Baroque Humanities twice in college. Well, because I had to withdraw the first time due to personal reasons I'd rather not discuss here. But in reading about your ideals and seeing more of your work, achieving to become a polymathic person, or "Renaissance Man" is something I strive for myself in a sense. Although, in today's age it would be nearly impossible to achieve it based on the standards that you and others after you set back during those times. The Modern Renaissance Man, I believe, is someone who can achieve the basics of physical development, mental and in the arts but just not in such a broad spectrum as yourself covered. Your intelligence was just too far ahead of its time, I'm sure if you were alive today your ideals would be more understood now than they were back then. I feel having a conversation with you would be a definite learning expericne and this is why, out of all the people dead or alive I would choose to meet you.


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