Friday, June 11, 2010

Conceited, but do you have a reason?

"It is finding truth that gives us proper despair so that you don't become conceited."-UNKNOWN

I really like this quote, just read it this morning and it couldn't have came at a better time for me. The word "conceited" is always compared to being cocky and arrogant. Another form of being conceited is also being presumptuous and you become too comfortable in a given situation. Its because as humans, we are all conceited in one way or another with something. Not necessarily being vain, but we sometimes turn a blind eye to things knowing good and well the end result doesn't spell success. You should always understand the true meaning behind a situation, good or bad. I say good because you don't want to get caught up in a good thing and ignore all the other logical signs that brought you to that moment of tranquility. You get too comfortable, your actions become lazy, and then you get replaced. I'm obviously speaking about relationships in this case, but this could also be pertaining a job or being used as a reliable source that's always called upon. We get so caught up in the beauty of things we forget the ugly, and that's usually how we end up where we are. I say this because I found the truth out about something recently, something that I knew deep down but didn't want to face it. Because I was honestly being conceited. Not comfortable in my position, but conceited. And I was given a major wake up call when that truth came to light and I went into exactly what the quote states, a "proper despair." Sometimes that hard cold truth smacking you in the face is needed and I'm thankful for it now. What we need to understand is someone is always making moves to take our position whatever it may be, whether they mean to or not. When it happens that's the blindsided truth, that feeling of despair, that gives us our wake up call. Embrace that wake up call. Finding the truth in something that concerns you benefits you, and that's all that matters. Denying this will only attract even more despair once that truth finally surfaces.


  1. Well now that my interest is all piqued, you have to let inquiring minds know this "Great Truth".

  2. Lol basically in short: my 10-day contract has run out and the original starter has returned from injury. I should have known this, but chose to think if I kept playing I'll supplant his role. Silly me.

  3. full metal alchemist brotherhood : the quotes come from the cartoon