Friday, July 2, 2010

30 Letters In 30 Days-Day 2, My Crush

Dear Crush,

I've had a lot of these over time, they come and go like the days in the week. So I guess I should write about my current crush. Don't worry I'm not going to put you on blast, but by the end of this letter you'll know who you are if you don't already. Yes, I have a crush and that's all it really is. Nothing more or nothing less, maybe I do wish it was something more. Sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. That's what makes it a crush. But I digress, this is my letter to you. I guess you can say it was bad timing because we were both coming off of a heartbreak around the same exact time, met totally by chance and only hung out out of sheer boredom. What I wasn't expecting was to actually...I guess like you. I'm not going to try and sift through as to why it happened all I know is I feel a certain way about you but I never wanted to act on it simply because the situation wasn't right nor fair to either one of us. Situation is just as important as the feelings you have for the person and if they don't at least match up in someway it won't work, at least that's what I believe. It's okay, things happen for a reason and the reason can be many things. Again, I'm not going to list them all here. What I do know is for the time being you have my interest. How long it will stay there? Who knows. Do I wish something would happen with us still? Of course I do, you're my crush. But that's not really up to me, if it was this letter wouldn't even exist. I understand the times we spent together can no longer really be done because of the now current situation out of respect. And simply because well...its just a crush. Nothing more, nothing less. At least for now.

Your Crush,