Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash Of The Titans 3D (2010) Review

So, this is my first movie review and I'm going to try and do these as much as possible for whatever new or relatively new movies I may see in theaters or fresh out on DVD. The first review I'm doing is as the title states, Clash Of The Titans in 3D. As most know this is a remake of the original version that came out in 1981. At first, I honestly wasn't even going to dignify this movie w/ a review, mainly because I couldn't due to me falling asleep through most of it. I live by the "10 Minute Film Rule" which roughly goes: if you are watching a movie and it doesn't grab you within 10 minutes of its opening, chances are you won't like it. I gave the movie TWENTY minutes to kick in and it didn't. I thought it was supposed to be an action movie, not a snore fest. Action movies shouldn't cause you to fall asleep, that's rule number one of any genre of film but for an action film its totally unacceptable. None of the actors really resonated and were just there to take up space to move the story along. The action sequences dragged along and that's where I found myself going in and out of sleep. That's not good, especially for a film that was so hyped up to be an in your face action movie with 3D graphics. The final battle with the Kraken and Hades were both uneventful and way too short. The only silver lining of the film to me and what seemed to be most of my friends was the battle versus Medusa. Other than that the film fell short of its original remake by a long shot. Oh yea, there wasn't too many 3D effects to really keep the movie interesting if any at all. But then again I was sleeping through most of it so I probably did miss some really good 3D shots. All in all personally I wouldn't recommend anyone seeing the 3D version if at all, so if you HAVE to watch it just see it in 2D and save your money. Other than that wait until it hits your local Blockbuster or Redbox and check it out then if you have the patience.

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