Friday, April 30, 2010

Aye You Girl With The Tight Up Skirt!

In all seriousness, why do men try and talk to a woman with the greeting "AYE *insert pet name, color shirt, ect*" like that's going to illicit a good response in their favor? And then have the audacity to get mad when the woman shoots them down. I really don't get it, and it makes it harder for good guys like me to break the wall down in order to speak to a woman. So do me a favor: shut up. Just shut the hell up.

That doesn't even make sense. No one likes to be called out of their name, especially a woman. Women shouldn't be defined by their color shirt or "honey" or my personal favorite *insert random body part* to get their attention. Yea, you def got their attention but you sure as hell ain't gettin their number jackass. What's that ladies? "Why is it SO damn hard for a man to be polite and approach us in a more calmer way?" Well, I personally believe this happens because the man feels he has nothing to really go off of except to make a boisterous introduction to just get noticed by the woman and just wing it from there. But obviously, that's where you fail. Now my track record with randomly walking up to women and speaking to them is that of the New Jersey Nets this past season so maybe I shouldn't talk. At least these fools have the balls to step to you women, so I'll give them that much. But I do know enough that when I do approach a woman I'm not gonna yell out "AYE, SEXY YELLOW SHIRT WITH THE FAT ASS! WHAT'S GOOD?!" in order to speak to you. No one has the "end all be all" opening statement in order to break the proverbial ice when stepping to a damsel, but I thought of this analogy in order to help the challenged man who has issues with this...

When you approach a woman in an abrasive manner you're basically charging at them like a bull with flaming horns aiming for their chest. Now, obviously she is going to be defensive and throw the wall up. Or in this case the red cape to throw over your eyes and escape. In worse scenarios, she'll just stab you with the sword in hand. I mean, can you blame her? Would you want a bull charging at you with flaming horns? Didn't think so. What you want to do is approach said woman like you would if you were holding a bouquet of flowers, or a box of candy, or a huge teddy bear and were going to offer it to her. Now you don't come off as intimidating and brash. You seem welcoming, therefore...she's gonna welcome your greeting with a smile and maybe a verbal response. Now don't "politely" compliment her sex appeal in that yellow shirt she's wearing. Just approach her in a calm, smooth manner. Chances are, if she isn't married or has a boyfriend she'll respond accordingly. That's basically what it all boils down to, the Triple A: Always Act Accordingly.

Chauncey B.