Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 NBA Playoff 1st Round Predictions

This is the official 2010 NBA Playoff 1st Round Prediction Blog by yours truly...not that anyone ever really reads this damn thing but whatever. I'm not gonna fully breakdown each series by the way. I'm simply judging this as you should any playoff series: Can Team A beat Team B in a best of 7 game series. There's no need for "matchup breakdowns" and such. These are strictly my predictions for each series. So without further ado let's get to the matchups.

Cavs vs Bulls

I'm not going to even dignify this series w/ a review. Despite the Bulls have been playing very good basketball as of lately behind Derrick Rose really stepping his game up as well as Jokaim Noah you still have a well rested Lebron James...and that's all the Cavs really need to beat the Bulls in this series. I'm being generous by giving the Bulls a game only because the Cavs tend to play up to their competition at times and get lazy and could slip up. Cavs in 5.

Bobcats vs Magic

The Bobcats are a very athletic and young team that matches up well with the Magic having guys such as Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace on the wings. But the Magic just have too much firepower on the outside and then there's Dwight Howard manning the paint. The Bobcats put up a fight here and I say Magic in 6 games.

Bucks vs Hawks

This was actually my favorite Eastern Conference matchup until Andrew Bogut was officially deemed out for the playoffs with a brutal arm injury. The Hawks are coming in with a full squad this time around and it'll be too much for the Bucks to try and handle and win the series. The Bucks may steal a game or two but will need HUGE games from rookie of the year candidate Brandon Jennings and team leading scorer John Salmons. In the end I still have the Hawks in no more than 6.

Heat vs Celtics

You have the Heat who are playing amazing basketball in the past 22 games winning 18 of them and then you have the veteran Celtics who have been a .500 club since December. This is still a hard series to call. But the Celtics are a team full of guys who know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The Heat may have Dwyane Wade but outside of him who else can he really depend on to step up big to oust the Celtics? Beasley? O'Neal? The Heat are still missing one major all-star to be one of the elite once again, they just simply don't have enough to overcome the Celtics. Celtics in 6.

Jazz vs Nuggets

This series has potential to go 7 games but be a snorefest of a series at the same time. Just watching Deron Williams and Chauncey Billups 2 of my favorite point guards battle it out against each other is enough to save this series for me though. I got Nuggets in 6 moving to the next round.

Thunder vs Lakers

I'm not gonna buy into the whole "Kobe isn't playing like himself" and "The Thunder are the team to watch out for" game. Sure the Thunder played them tough and Kevin Durant is becoming one hell of a player. Thunder should be able to at least get one game in to make this Lakers in 5.

Spurs vs Mavericks

BEST.FIRST.ROUND.MATCHUP.HANDS.DOWN.TUNE.IN.TO.EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. And with that said, Mavericks in 7 with Dirk dropping 47 in double overtime and Duncan pulls out 2001 Timmah and goes for 35 and 15 in a losing valiant effort and then announcing his retirement soon after. Ok I made all that up, but I am saying Mavs in 7 games.

Blazers vs Suns

Blazers don't have Brandon Roy. Suns have Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Amare Stoudamire. *sucks teeth* yea...Suns in 5.

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