Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movies To See-December 17th

To be completely honest, I wasn't TOO fond with this week's movie releases outside of Tron: Legacy of course. Although, new films from top actors such as Kevin Spacey and Nicole Kidman can't be all too bad so I'll be covering those as well since they have limited releases and did pique my interest enough. "How Do You Know" and the "Yogi Bear" remake aren't really my cup of tea but I expect cheesy couples and parents to tune into each movie respectively regardless. But this week is REALLY all about the groundbreaking technology that comes out of Walt Disney Pictures.

Tron: Legacy

Continuing with the trend of sequals done 20 years later, Walt Disney joins the fray by dusting off one of their biggest cult hits "Tron" and brings us "Tron: Legacy". The movie introduces us to Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers and Troy) who enters the world of Tron to save his father Kevin played by Jeff Bridges who reprises his role as the creator of the Tron world that has now turned against him. They both team up with a creation of Kevin's by the name of Quorra played by Olivia Wilde. The trailer alone, plus with the soundtrack done by electronica group Daft Punk, has everyone as giddy as school children right now. I'm one of them, I can't even front. Regardless, this visual masterpiece is easily this year's "Avatar" with mind-blowing SFX and a weak storyline. There's already been a slew of movie reviews knocking the plot but we all know that's not going to be this movie's strongest point. I just want to see the amazing light show and state-of-the-art technology that went into making this film so hopefully the trailer isn't just for show.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole tells the story of a married couple played by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart who are dealing with the loss of their son due to a car accident. The film was adapted from a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and Tony award winning play. I'm assuming Lionsgate is figuring by tagging big-name actors such as Kidman and Eckhart this modern day "Reservation Road"-esque story can nab a few late award noms with is tragic and dramatic tale.

Casino Jack

Already being labeled as Kevin Spacey's most brilliant role since "American Beauty" *rolls eyes* (I've heard THAT before), Casino Jack is the true story of "super lobbyist" Jack Abramoff (Spacey) and his parter Michael Scanlon (Barry Pepper) who swindle and cheat their way through the business world by striking deals with the world's most powerful and richest people in the world. They were getting by just fine living the luxurious life until they come across mob affiliated associate played by Jon Lovitz that brings about a tornado of scandal and even a prison sentence.

And now to close with some Olivia Wilde eye candy:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movies To See-December 10th

Welcome back to "Movies To See". If this is your first time, basically what I do is offer a brief summary along with a trailer of the week's movie releases I think are worth seeing. Simple as that. Just trying to spread the word on some movies with my own insight as well as put you on some films that might not get as much buzz but are still well worth seeing.

The Fighter

I'm a huge boxing fan and have been looking forward to this one for a while. Mark Wahlberg plays boxer Micky Ward during the 1980s, the movie is an early look at him before he went pro and trained by his half-brother who is portrayed by Christian Bale. Amy Adams also appears as Ward's love interest, so the cast is star studded and should prove to be a box-office hit. Behind the camera is David O. Russell who's last hit was I Heart Huckabees, a movie he did with Wahlberg. Maybe the reunited pair can garner some Oscar buzz once again?

The Tourist

Johnny Depp plays Frank, a recently heart-broken man who travels to Venice in order to getaway from it all and ends up running into the beautiful Angelina Jolie who plays Elise. First off...Johnny Depp doesn't get heartbroken, he breaks hearts. Secondly, I wish during my breakups I can just go to Venice and run into someone as hot as Angelina Jolie. The celebrities have all the luck, don't they? Anywho, this action-comedy has all the fixings with a twisted plot, action, and a eye dropping stunts along with two good-looking and talented stars doing what they do best. Depp as the bumbling but charming hero in distress and Jolie in her usual ass-kicking and sultry role. With the background being in Italy, this movie has the making of being a visual sideshow filled with laughs and thrills. In simpler terms, "Day and Knight" another movie I enjoyed but with reversed gender roles.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We pick up on the story with Lucy and Edmund Pevensie's return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader heading towards the Edge of the World to complete their quest. Of course along the way they battle mythical creatures such as dragons and dwarves that try and stop them from making it to their final destination.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movies To See-November 26th-Dec 3rd

Welcome back to another weekly installment of "Movies To See". I missed last week due to just being simply exhausted from the holidays and working so much so I'm doing a double entry by combining this week's new releases along with last week's just in case some of you haven't seen them. We got movies for the fellas, the ladies, as well as the kids. The December 3rd week is loaded with Oscar hopefuls...that are of course limited releases so you probably won't see any of these movies anyway unless you live in NY/Chicago/LA/Dallas or don't mind traveling 30-40 miles out to a theater that's actually playing them.



Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton both make their big screen returns in the high-octane action film "Faster". Johnson plays an ex-con who actually isn't given a real name but is known as "Driver" who is targeting a gang who killed his brother who were double crossed during a heist years ago. During his killing spree, he is chased by a hit-man and a veteran cop played by Thornton. Pretty simple, and that's how these types of action films should be. Simple plot and lots of action. If you're an action junkie such as myself I recommend seeing this film. It has all the fixings of the old school action flicks such as "Commando" and "The Killer" that serve up non-stop thrills and gun fights with as little dialogue as possible which I myself love. Sometimes you need an escape from the drama and want to have fun, and that's what "Faster" does.

Love And Other Drugs

I'll admit, I'm not really not a hopeless romantic. At all. I'm not heartless, I'm just like 91% of the male population who isn't in tune with his feelings. "Love And Other Drugs" doesn't really speak to me like it would the other 9% of the male population as well as 100% of women, nonetheless it looks like a pretty solid romantic dramady that will have your heart a-flutter and sporting that cheesy grin throughout. When you have two charming actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway it's pretty easy to carry a film, despite its genre. Check the trailer out and see if this is something worth while. I just don't see myself personally rushing out to theaters to see this one, since I'm a straight single male.


This time it's Disney's turn at the helm of animated CGI graphics with "Tangled" otherwise known as the story of "Rapunzel". The movie is very kid friendly with a few touches of adult humor to keep the older crowd entertained as well. The trailer pretty much speaks for itself and if you never had a childhood and never heard of the story of "Rapunzel" then I just feel sorry for you and your parents suck.


The Warrior's Way

A ninja assassin leaves his clan due to refusing to complete a mission and they are hot on his trail. He arrives in America, hoping he has seen the last of them but he soon realizes he is wrong. Not only does he have to deal with them, he also has to deal with gun-slinging cowboys. Yes. Ninjas. Versus. Cowboys. Many frown on cheesy set-ups like this but I say what took so damn long?! Jang Dong-gun is the assassin and is making his debut into American cinema. What I'm more so looking forward to is how he'll be received here in the states since he's easily the biggest star in his home country of Korea and rules the Chinese box office. Can he become the next Jackie Chan?

Black Swan

I previewed this movie a few months back and I'm disappointed that this has a limited release for its opening weekend, hopefully it builds momentum into a wide release before the new year. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, we embark on the tale of a veteran ballerina dancer by the name of Nina played by Natalie Portman. Nina is up for the lead role in Swan Lake but is challenged by a new coming rival by the name of Lily who is played by Mila Kunis. Lily and Nina's ballet instructor, Thomas Leroy played by Vincent Cassel pits them against one another in order to see who will come out on top. In doing so, this brings out a dark nature that Lily isn't known for and sends her in a downward spiral. As you can see by the trailer it's not your typical thriller and seems to have some psychological elements to it as well. It looks like a sure-fire winner and I hope it does well in theaters since Aronofsky hasn't been able to live up to "Requiem For A Dream", hands down his best work to date. I also want to take a moment to *swoon* over Mila Kunis:

Moving on.

All Good Things

"All Good Things" tells the tale of Gosling's character, David Marks, who is the heir of the Marks Estate behind his father portrayed by Frank Langella. Gosling falls for Katie (Kirsten Dunst) and ends up marrying her who is not of the same social status as the Marks family. Things turn for the worst when a murder case opens up that traces back to David that could destroy him as well as his family's legacy. The film has created quite the Oscar buzz and is being heavily campaigned. If anyone, it'll be Gosling out of the cast to get another nomination for "Best Actor" since he's playing his usual off-beat but charming usual self as he did in "The Notebook". *shudders*

I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carrey plays a lucrative con-man who finally gets caught and sentenced to prison. While there, he meets convict, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor) and realizes he's gay and they fall in love. Problem is, Carrey's jail sentence is cut short and he is sent back to society promising Phillip that he'll break him out of jail. Which he does and they both live a life behind crime and running from the cops hot on their tail. I'm glad "I Love You Phillip Morris" was able to make it past the frightened major movie studios who didn't want to touch the gay-themed romantic comedy. Despite the fact the gay characters are led by respected and talented Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, who are proven box-office hits as well as having the script written by "Bad Santa" Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Regardless of the characters' sexual orientation, this true story adapted for film still looks highly entertaining and I'm hoping it does well in the mainstream.

Night Catches Us

Last up, is what I feel is the strongest and most powerful movie in this holiday season is "Night Catches Us". Dating back to Philadephia of '76, Anthony Mackie plays Marcus a former Black Panther who returns to his neighborhood after he mysteriously disappeared years ago. His past begins to catch up with him in the form of accusations of orchestrating a murder of a fellow Panther. An old flame played by Kerry Washington decides to help him as well as rekindle their love. Tanya Hamilton should more than likely nab a few Independent Film Award noms and I'm praying that she is able to at least garner some Oscar buzz for this film. Not too many black directors out there, let alone female black directors with the skills and vision that of Tanya Hamilton. I'm rooting for her and the success of this film despite its release being severely limited only to the LA/NY/Philadelphia areas. If you happen to live in those cities or are even visiting I strongly suggest seeing this film and support black filmmakers who have a positive message outside of the "John Singletons" and "Tyler Perrys" in the film world.

And now I end this blog with some Kerry Washington swoonage

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movies To See-November 19th

Moving right along in the month of November, this week's movie releases are divided into two sections: 1) Harry Potter fanatics and 2) Non-Harry Potter fanatics. If you must know, I am actually a Harry Potter fanatic. I haven't read the books though, although I plan on doing it. The movies is where I was sold onto the Harry Potter story when I took my younger brother to see the third movie, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and I've been a fan since. But I digress, this week I shall present to you "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" as well as the latest from Russell Crowe since "Robin Hood" and my weekly Honorable Mention coming from Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls) which is sure to be a low-key hit despite the limited release.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

If you like Harry Potter? Go see it. If you don't like Harry Potter? Go see the first 5 movies and then see this one. And yes, this is my preview for "Deathly Hallows" since I'm sure half of the world has already seen it by now despite it being mid-day Friday at this time. Now, moving on to other films that you may enjoy.

The Next Three Days

Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks star as a married couple in the French remake drama/suspense thriller "Por Elle" (For Her in English) titled "The Next Three Days". I have never seen the original, but based off the trailer and various other reviews it looks like a good enough film to please the non-Harry Potter fanatics. Banks's character is convicted and found guilty of murder and sentenced to jail for 20 to life. With her mental state deteriorating and being hospitalized for attempted suicide, Crowe's character embarks on a mission to break his wife out of jail with the guidance of Liam Neeson who's character has broken out of a prison. The trailer leaves you with enough suspense as if a regular Joe such as Crowe can pull off such a daring feat.

Honorable Mention

Made in Dagenham

"Made In Dagenham" is based on the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination. Led by actress Sally Hawkins as Rita O'Grady, this historic moment in Women's History jump started the Equal Pay Act in 1970. As I said earlier, despite it's limited release I'm certain this movie will still gain critical praise if not fan wise. I still think it's a great film to view and a nice realistic getaway from the action packed, 3-D filled 2010 year in film we've had.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Published!

I really don't know where to begin with this, since I absolutely hate talking about myself because I'm a pretty private person. I just have to share this news with my family and friends that I'm now a certified published author!! The book that I was going to be published in for a poem I wrote has finally been cataloged and is ready to ship out. I mentioned in a blog post back in May where I was chosen to be part of an anthology series of poetry and short stories entitled Pen 10 Scribes Anthology that you can actually purchase by clicking on that link. The price is $17.50 and in it not only will you see the poem I wrote that was selected, you'll see other amazing works by a collection of talented authors. I'm not saying that just because I'm in it, I mean there is some REALLY good stories and poetry in it. It's definitely worth the buy if you're into that sort of thing. I'll just like to thank Rhonda Smolarek also known as Olive Rosehips for giving me the opportunity to be part of something special. This really means a lot to me and it's only the beginning of a long journey that I want all my friends and family to be part of. Not only do I write for myself, I also write for you and your enjoyment. So I hope you can support me as well as the other authors in going out and buying the book!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Should Play Catwoman in new "Batman" movie?

For weeks now, ever since it was heard that Christopher Nolan has chosen the title for the third installment of the "Batman" series "The Dark Knight Rises", there has been speculation as to who the new villain should be. I for one have been harping for a while that it's about time for the sultry and equally dangerous Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Reason being, with the death of Rachel Dawes played by Maggie Gyllenhaal *shudders* there also needs to be a love interest and in the old "Batman" comics there was a fling between Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle despite the battles Batman/Catwoman had. It's almost too easy Nolan finally released that he will indeed be casting TWO love interest, one Catwoman (or even Poison Ivy but we're not talking about her) and the other will be a male villain (who I'm also not going to talk about here). The story was broken by "The Playlist", which by the way is an excellent source for breaking film entertainment news. Of course there's already a list posted on the site with the likes of: Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway & Keira Knightley as potential choices. Thank God Halle Berry isn't on this list, but which one of them could be opposite Christian Bale and play Catwoman?

#3 Naomi Watts

Starting off with Naomi Watts. She has a very impressive resume being in 21 Grams, King Kong, Eastern Promises, and more recently Fair Game starring opposite Sean Penn. She's already slated to play in a Marylin Monroe biography to come out in 2012 so she may not have the time. She's very attractive, and already has the blonde hair and baby blues that Selina Kyle/Catwoman had in Batman. She just doesn't have any reported experience in being in any action that requires stunts such as the ones Catwoman would be doing. Which leads me to my second choice...

#2 Keira Knightley

Extremely talented and has been in films such as "Pride and Prejudice", "Atonement", and her most notable role coming in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy Keira Knighley would be as close as to Catwoman as you can possibly get. Not only that, she displays some kick-ass skills in the action flick "Domino". She possesses the athleticism, agility, and sassy attitude that Catwoman is known for. Plus she is pretty damn sexy when she wants to be, I don't see why she couldn't pull it off either. But then again...

#1 Charlize Theron

Pardon me as I *swoon* off my bed @ the alluring beauty of Miss Charlize Theron. She may not be on the above mentioned list by "The Playlist", but she's on mine and is actually my number one choice to play Catwoman. Sexy (she was a former model and I mean LOOK at her), talented (Academy Award Winner for Best Actress in "Monster"), and also looks good in a black leather suit. See her role in the live action adaptation of "Aeon Flux". Lest not forget her in the action/comedy "Hancock" where she played the "villain" opposite Will Smith. Personally I think she'd be a shoe-in for this role. Right now though, she is in the middle of filming a movie but I hope Nolan at least has her in mind and will ask her.

Honorable Mention

January Jones

Bet you didn't see this one coming, did you? If January Jones ever wants to step behind her cozy housewife role in the critically acclaimed "Mad Men" this would be one bold and huge step for her. Blessed with a graceful beauty and some serious curves. She's not too familiar with the silver screen, other than her most notable roles being in "We Are Marshal" and "Pirate Radio", but if Nolan really wants to create some buzz having Jones play the iconic Catwoman would definitely be the way to go. And as far as I'm concerned, looking at that picture it wouldn't be a bad place to be.

Movies To See-November 12th

This week in "Movies To See" we have an action thriller headlined by an Academy Award winner, a coming-of-middle-age/romantic comedy of sorts starring my ultimate white girl crush...and a few vets but more importantly my ultimate white girl crush, and an alien sci-fi action flick that MAY surprise some folks in a good way. So pretty much a melting pot of flicks at your disposal, which ever tickles your fancy but I hope all three do and you'll check them out in due time.


The plot device is simple enough: two guys must stop a runaway train carrying chemical explosives before it explodes and destroys everything in it's blast radius...including a train that is carrying approximately 150 school children on a field trip just to heighten the drama. "Unstoppable" is a bit more than "Speed" on a train track so don't think you're in for "Deja Vu" (see what I did there?). For starters, it has a more prestigious lead actor by the name of Denzel Hayes Washington. You know, one of the best to ever do it? That guy. This time the proverbial eye candy isn't a foxy dame in distress like Sandra Bullock, despite Rosario Dawson playing a role, it's young and upcoming action star Chris Pine (Star Trek, Smoking Aces). Not my cup of tea, but the ladies might get a kick out of him. We all love thrills, chills, and witty banter so between our two heroes (Washington and Pine) I'm sure this movie will provide many of them especially with Tony Scott (Man On Fire) leading the way as director. Just don't expect any award-winning performances and you'll be fine.

Morning Glory

Before I begin...*swoons at Rachel McAdams in boyshorts* ANYWHO...the ever so lovely and talented Rachel McAdams plays a beginner television producer of a struggling morning show with feuding hosts played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. There on-screen dynamic is actually very charming and endearing, you can't go wrong with those two in anything really, let alone together. The film centers around McAdams's character as she slowly gets deeper into her work and neglects those around her, especially boyfriend Patrick Wilson. Ford's character knows exactly how she feels since he's been there and helps her along with himself. Will McAdams be able to balance work and her personal life? Who cares, she's wearing boyshorts! No but seriously, this film is well written by Aline McKenna of "The Devil Wears Prad"a and one of my favorite and oft slept-on romantic comedies "Three To Tango". Directed by Roger Michell and produced by JJ Abrams should make it quite the quirky and interesting film. Did I mention Jeff Goldblum and 50 Cent also play in this movie? Weird right? Guys should be okay with their lady friends dragging them to see this...since Rachel McAdams is in boyshorts.


"Skyline" is a sci-fi thriller that has aliens from a far away galaxy that issue an attack on Earth by using a light force that draws the humans to their ships in order to destroy everyone on the planet. As rundown as this storyline is, we just can't get enough of these movies. Skyline comes off like one of those movies that was just good enough to make it past the SyFy channel and onto the big screen. Nonetheless, the SFX (special effects) team called Hydraulx behind 300, Benjamin Button, and the record blockbuster hit Avatar also show up for "Skyline". If you're looking for a lavish storyline then you won't find it here, but if you want to see some state-of-the-art SFX and amazing action sequences then "Skyline" is right up your alley.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movies To See-November 5th

It's another week, which means another preview of my select "Movies To See" for this weekend. It's "Oscar Season" which means production companies are making a final push to get nominated for next year's Academy Awards that roughly translates into some great cinema. November is jumping off right with a kids movie, couple comedies (one going for Honorable Mention) and also a few dramas, one that could score a couple Oscar noms themselves. This weekend just looks like a movie packed weekend, not sure who's gonna come out on top come Monday out of this group. So let's get to the trailers shall we?


From the wonderful minds of Dreamworks Animation, they bring you their latest "Megamind". Of course it's in 3-D, why wouldn't it be?! Anywho, the story behind this charming film is the evil Megamind is forced to save the city when his rival, the goody-two shoes Metroman, goes through a mental breakdown and leaves the city defenseless against a new foe. Will Megamind be able to save the city and gain the trust of the civilians he's tortured countless times? Definitely looks like a film filled with laughs and enough silly anticts to keep the young kid crowd entertained. And did I mention it's in 3-D?!?

Due Date

A straight forward businessman is trying to make it home in time to see the birth of his child but is forced to drive across country with an aspiring actor after he finds out he's placed on the "No-Fly List". Sounds kinda boring and mundane, right? Now add Robert Downey Jr. as the businessman and Zach Galifianakis as the aspiring actor and you got yourself a road trip buddy comedy movie! The trailer shows some pretty funny moments, I'm hoping this isn't it for the film which is usually the case with comedies as of lately. "They're only as funny as the trailer shows." But with these two star actors as well as an appearance by Jamie Foxx maybe "Due Date" will be a late season comedy winner.

127 Hours

From the director who brought you "Slumdog Millionaire", one of my favorite films, Danny Boyle brings you "127 Hours". Based on a true story, James Franco in his most daring role yet plays mountain climber Aron Ralston who becomes trapped underneath a boulder while in Utah and tries to survive. Sounds like "Castaway" but just in a desert setting. Which means more drama than your mama can handle due to the extreme circumstances. This is actually a true story that you can read about HERE, but forewarned if you do go to that link and have never heard of The Aron Ralston Story you will spoil the movie, since it IS a true story. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see how the film is portrayed and seeing James Franco play such a serious and dramatic role as opposed to his two earlier films in Pineapple Express and Date Night. This is actually one of my Oscar favorites with possibly having James Franco nabbing a possible Leading Actor Nom?

For Colored Girls

I'm against pretty much any and everything Tyler Perry since I'm more of a diverse writer as to Perry's knack to only "cater to the black folks". Despite this, him taking on "For Colored Girls" I have a slight respect for him now since this is far from his comfort zone with the heartfelt churchy drama-comedies he's so well known for. The once novel, turned play, now turned film is shot in the views of different women portraying one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular. I enjoy the concept and awareness that the film would bring as opposed to the lesser known book and play amongst smaller circles. Maybe this film can project Perry into being taken more serious as a filmmaker...maybe.

Fair Game

A spy movie unlike any other...because it's actually a true story. Usually these true-story spy movies miss their mark since they're not filled with explosives and sexy women a la James Bond and *insert Angelina Jolie action film* but I still suggest this one. A bit of backstory, if you're not into politics then you may have missed out on The Valerie Plame Affair, which Wikipedia does a very good job of covering so don't hate on the link source lol. "Fair Game" brings the Plame Affair which happened in 2003 to the big screen, in short Valarie Plame (played by Naomi Watts) is a CIA agent who is under cover to find the existence of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) during the Bush Administration years. She later on discovers her identity allegedly leaked by the same administration as payback for an op-ed article her husband Robert Novak (played by Sean Penn) wrote criticizing the Bush administration. Did I mention that this is a TRUE STORY?! I'm plenty shocked that this case was able to make it past the greenlight stage. It may not be the perfect depiction of the Plume Affair, but nonetheless I believe this is a film everyone should try and see to get a real insight on how Bush's "beloved" administration really got down. And you right-wing activist say Obama's administration is crooked, filled with liars, cheats and not getting anything done? But I digress...moving on.

Four Lions (Honorable Mention)

This comedy is about four friends who are also Jihadists that attempt to carry out an attack on northern England...and simply fucking up along the way. I actually found the trailer hilarious since I enjoy foreign comedies and their off-beat sense of humor that's similar to my own (In Bruges and Monty Python). I think this movie is a limited release though since I wasn't able to find it anywhere in the area that I live, might have to catch this one on DVD or online somewhere.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Making of Skeeter Valentine

As most of you know by now, I was Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine from the '90s Nickelodean cartoon "Doug" for Halloween.

I'll like to take you through the making of my costume with a couple pictures that I took along the way:

This is the shirt I bought from the website My Party Shirt for $14.95. I also bought these shorts that I didn't take a picture of so you can click on the link to see them. They were $13.95. My Party Shirt is also just a good site period, I found some pretty nifty costumes and shirts surfing the site so check it out if you're into the vintage tee look.

I was unable to find red fabric for some odd reason so I just decided last second to take an old red shirt that I had no intention of ever wearing again in order to make Skeeter's shorts. Hence the black sharpie circle and scissors. What I used with the help of my roommate's girlfriend, Sarah, is a couple bobby pins and this is the finished product of said shorts:

Now it was time for me to make the shoes. I had an OLD ass pair of white Airwalks from I don't know when and I grabbed a tube of yellow and red face paint from a Halloween store that cost me $1.99 per tube. This is before I was fully finished with them, but you got the idea:

*bangs on a trash can and drums on a street light for the drumroll*

And now...the finished product!

To paint myself green, I used some of that same face paint I mentioned earlier that was $1.99 which only took one green tube to cover my face, neck, ears, arms, and legs. Overall I spent a grand total of $41.07 to create my costume. I had a fun time making it, the best part actually was painting the shoes. Took a long longer than I thought it would to paint them but I'm glad at how they came out in the final product. I received a lot of compliments for the creativity and originality of the costume which I had hoped for. I wasn't prepared for the amount of people who REALLY thought I was either The Hulk or The Flash at first until I told them who I was lol. I'm already thinking of my costume for next year, which just maybe another Nickelodean character...maybe, what do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Girlfriend's Guide To Surviving Sports Season

Ahhh......Fall, or Autumn as it is also known. Whatever tickles your fancy. Beautiful, cool breezy weather. The best holiday in my mind, Thanksgiving, is part of the Fall season. The leaves are falling from the trees making that crispy sound when you're walking down the sidewalk hand and hand with your significant other. It's actually my favorite season, nothing compares. Why you may ask? Well, it really isn't because of the weather nor the romantic walks in the park with my lady friend. Not even the deep south country Thanksgiving feast I indulge in every year courtesy of my grandmother leading the pack with my 5 aunts, 4 uncles, and numerous cousins who all chip in. Imagine the food that is on the table once we're all done and not even that is the main reason why I love this season.

It's because around this time, just about every single major sport is going on and for a sports fiend such as myself, I'm LOVING it. The World Series is underway with the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers, two teams no one really cares about outside of their respective cities of San Fransisco and Arlington. Nonetheless, it's the World Series and it will be viewed by millions. Not only that, the NFL and NCAA College Football are both in full swing, the NBA season has just begun as well as NHL and NCAA Basketball will be starting in a few more weeks. At LEAST six times if not all seven days of the week there will be a sporting event on television. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Hence it being called "Sports Season".

How can you not love this time of year?! Men are rejoicing right now in being able to sit at home or go to their local sports bars to eat wings, drink beer, BBQ, and talk shit about each other's teams as if we're sports analysts. Which every man thinks they are in their own mind, but I digress. This blog isn't about the men, this is about the poor girlfriends who get screwed during this time of year. The COLDEST part of the year is right around the corner in December and here's your man leaving you all alone to go hang out with his buddies and you're stuck at home watching Lifetime and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey and he has the audacity to say "honey, you've put on a few pounds what's up with that?" as if he wasn't to blame. Shame on him...but more so shame on YOU for not knowing what to do in order to prevent this travesty from happening.

Don't fret, this is where I come in. I'm going to let you ladies in on a few tips on how to keep your man interested in you as well as him not losing out on the most wonderful time of the year. It's not too late and you still have time in order to salvage whatever left you have of your relationship and even strengthen it. Just follow these tips and not only will you survive Sports Season, you'll also last through Cuffing Season.

Tip #1: Find Out What His Favorite Sports Are/Who Are His Favorite Teams-In doing this, you figure out how his schedule works around Sports Season and you can act accordingly to it by planning things to fill in the time slots of when his favorite teams aren't playing. This also prevents him from pulling a fast one and saying something stupid like "The Florida Gators play this Sunday night so we can't hang out" when you SHOULD know that College Football is always on Saturday, with the exception of some Thursday/Friday night games but let's not delve into that. Moving on.

Tip #2: Buy Tickets To A Game/Fan Gear-This is showing support for his love of sports by buying him tickets to a game or getting him fan gear. Also make sure one of those tickets is for you to get extra points. Want even more points then get a jersey of his favorite player from his favorite team, which leads into this upcoming tip...

Tip #3: Halftime/Blowout Sex-Take advantage to get some alone time by giving your man the goods during halftime since nothing is really going on other than recaps of the actual game he JUST was watching or scores around the league...he can catch on Sportscenter later so don't be fooled. If you're lucky, maybe the game will be a blowout and he's feeling so high and mighty that his team is demolishing their opponent he'll just want to burn off that extra energy with some Home-Run-Full-Court-Shot-Game-Winning-Touchdown-Grand-Slam-Bottom-Of-The-9th sex. Don't shy away from it, spice it up. Remember that jersey I mentioned earlier? Put that on w/ a pair of your sexiest heels to really get his attention. Just don't let that scene in Scary Movie play out:

SN: Anyone know what Regina Hall is up to these days? She's actually pretty fly...but back to the matter at hand.

Tip #4: Comfort Him During A Huge Loss-THIS is huge and is not being done enough in relationships. Not every team is perfect, they will lose. Unless you're the '79 Dolphins. Bottom line, perfect records are hard to come by and if his team suffers a loss you need to be there to comfort him. Especially if they lose a lot. Console him. Let him know that it's okay and rub his belly and tell him if he was the QB he would have led them to victory. Do NOT say "oh it's just a game" because for a man, having a team lose is equivalent to losing your dog to an untimely death by being ran over by a garbage truck when we weren't paying attention while walking you know the feeling and we feel the exact same way. WORSE even!

Tip #5: Host A Game Party For Him And His Friends-If you don't want him stepping out for the games being surrounded by scantly clad waitresses feeding him wings, beer and attention (something YOU should be doing) then why not do it for him in the comfort of your home? You don't have to do this every single game, just maybe one or two games out of the season. Even better, ask him to have his friends' girlfriends to come over as well so you have someone to talk to while the games are on. Maybe between the women you're able to exchange more tips and just find some new friends. It's a win/win.

Tip #6: Learn The Sport-This is key, and a whole subject on it's own that I'm also working on for another blog post in the near future. You must be careful if you're going to use this method. If you're going to learn ask him questions but also do a bit of research on your own.

And that's pretty much it! Just follow these tips ladies and you'll be able to survive Sports Season, as well as Cuffing Season. Oh yea by the way: These tips do not qualify for side chicks. You're the side chick. Just keep playing your role, this is for women in relationships only. Get it? Got it? Good. Now play ball!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Media Revolution Part 2: Taking A Stand

Blogger's Note: I wrote part 1 a couple months ago and you can read that here. This is the continuation of that blog, finally found something worth attacking this issue that I feel strongly about.

Kanye West released an approx 35 minute short film entitled "Runaway". I just finished watching and I must retract my previous statement in saying "It made no sense as a whole" and say it actually made sense, damn near perfect sense actually but I still have one problem with it as minor as it is I feel the need to point it make my own point. It was so poorly constructed in order to make its point, which was one of the most overdone storylines in history: Seeing the world for what it really is and choosing to either go the path what you choose or conforming w/ opinions that others have of you. As relatable as this storyline is, 'Ye may or may not have been able to fully grasp what he wanted to convey because it came off like a jumbled random mess. But...let's say that's exactly what he was going for. If he was, then Kanye basically just sent a huge "FUCK YOU" to any and everyone who has one negative thought not about him, but about the way he goes about living HIS life and the way HE chooses to express himself through HIS art. And for that I give him a standing ovation in taking this route ESPECIALLY with the way not only the music industry is, the way entertainment is as a whole.

Right now, media entertainment is all about making a quick buck no matter how it's done. Originality and basically being yourself artistically is being frowned upon and not taken as serious as someone who is able to make a catchy tune or get a few cheap laughs by saying something totally outrageous. Soulja Boy and Lil' Duval, I'm talking to you. All popular music sounds the same, all films that have been created as of late are either remakes of movies made back in the 70s-90s or adaptations of novels and any and almost everything that is on television is in some form of reality, even CSI. That's right, most of those cases are gathered from REAL cases and are just acted out on camera as I'm sure most of you already know. Once again, not expressing any sense of real originality. And this is our main source of entertainment! I don't see why this doesn't bother anyone as much as it does me, but I digress. Reason being underneath all the mumbo jumbo trash, there are some real music artists and filmmakers out there who aren't about the quick buck and fame, they just want to entertain you the best way they know how: through themselves. This is the style that I believe we should be embracing. It's tough to try and explain to millions of people what you feel artistically, but that shouldn't stop you from doing it. Obviously, 'Ye has no issue with this whatsoever. After watching this video, I've grown an admiration for dude. I respect him on a whole higher level. Reason being is because he went against the rules. He didn't dare to be the same, nor to be purposely different, he dared to be HIMSELF. And I think it's about time someone of his clout gave the entertainment industry both middle fingers. There's more artists out there like Kanye who are doing this so don't think it's just him leading this media revolution. Because mine are up too and will stay up as long as my hands will let me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movies To See-October 22th

October 22nd

Paranormal Activity 2

A sequel to the original without a plot overview (trust me I've looked) but it's basically the same with a different family being haunted by a demonic presence in their new home. If you enjoyed the first one, then you most certainly will love the "sequel" or more accurately put another installment in the Paranormal Activity series.


Directed by Oscar winner Clint Eastwood, three different people are touched by death in different ways. These three roles are played by Matt Damon, Ceclie De France, and Bryce Dallas Howard with Damon playing a retired psychic who is somehow tied to everyone. Not much is being said as to what exactly, but this powerful trailer and with the film being led by Clint Eastwood is surely enough to reign in some viewers and leave them satisfied.

Company Men

A drama centered around three middle age men over the course of a year who were all laid off from their jobs as they contemplate on what to do next with their lives and struggle going from $100,000 salaries to almost a fifth of what they once earned. Supposedly, this film is to hit home with unemployed Americans during these tough economic times. I think the film will be solid, but it won't relate to as many people as it had hoped.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Movies To See-October 15th

October 15th

Jackass 3-D

The crew from MTV's famed Jackass reunites for more crazy pranks and antics but this time...IN 3-D! *rolls eyes* I'm def gonna try and see this since like most of my generation, we were fans of the show Jackass and even it's spin-off Viva La Bam. But the whole 3-D craze is just......*rubs temples*


Adapted from a true story (talk about sibling love), Hilary Swank is a single mother who puts her self through law school for almost twenty years to overturn her brother's (Sam Rockwell) unfair murder conviction. I'm almost certain this movie is going to nab Hilary Swank a "Best Actress Nomination" @ the Golden Globes if anything. I can't wait to see this movie, it sounds like an amazing story. And to think, once upon a time she was supposed to be "The Next Karate Kid." *shudders*


A former black-ops agent played by Bruce Willis is hunted by a highly skilled and dangerous assassin. In order to stay alive, he enlists the help of his old black-ops team to get to the assassin before they get to him. Based off a comic book adaptation. Comes off like The Expendables just with a more decorated cast of actors who actually act with Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren playing along side Willis.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Movies To See-October 8th

Life As We Know It

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel play two single adults that dated, well had only ONE disastrous date together in the past that was set up by mutual friends. Unfortunately, the two friends end up passing away and left their baby girl in the care of their godparents to raise them in case something were to actually happen to them. Guess who those lucky godparents are? I dig the concept, even though the movie's plot and ending seem obvious, it's about how they got there. Let's hope that Heigl and Duhamel can deliver and make it believable that they can make it not only as a couple, but as a family.

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

A clinically depressed teen played by Keir Gilchrist is admitted into a psychiatric hospital and is befriended by two patients Zack Galifianakis and Emma Roberts. This is a movie that I know I'm going to be seeing personally and I think a lot of young depressed teens and adults should also see. Despite the content, it comes off like a feel good movie so you shouldn't be too depressed while watching it and enjoy a few laughs. It's a daring idea to try and capture on film, let alone write, so I'm intrigued on how this is going to play out. Especially with Galfianakis playing in his most not-so-serious-but-serious role yet.

My Soul To Take

Wes Craven returns to his directing chair to bring us My Soul To Take which is about a serial killer who terrorized a town and was thought to be given the "Death Row Treatment" to come back and kill again...allegedly reincarnated as one of the seven children in the town. The only reason why I put this in here is because it's Wes Craven. As some of you know, I really don't care much for horror flicks but I am a Wes Craven fan, go figure. So I'm hoping his return will make this movie interesting. My only gripe? It's in 3-D. -_______-

Honorable Mention:


Edward Norton plays Stone who is a convicted arsonist looking to get out early on parole but is held up by parole officer played by Robert DeNiro. He then turns to his wife, Milla Jovovich, to seduce the P.O. as a way to get his early parole. Watching the trailer, it puts me in the mind of U-Turn starring Jennifer Lopez for some reason. The trio of DeNiro, Norton, and Jovovich could be just enough to gain some viewers and be a sleeper despite how mundane the plot. Plus Norton has cornrows. Yes, you read and I'm sure saw that already. Just wanted to point that out again.

I Spit On Your Grave

A female writer retreats to her cabin to get some peace and quiet is brutally interrupted by a group of men who attack her and leave her for dead. Too bad for the men because she actually lives and seeks out these same group of men to exact her revenge upon them for their attack. This movie is actually a remake which was then titled "Day Of The Woman" but received a limited release due to is gruesome content. Word on the street is this latest version is a bit more tame but still gruesome enough to also only have a limited release. I think I'll be personally checking this one through Netflix as well as the original to see what was all the fuss about.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Better Than You-Mixtape Review

After losing his laptop which had all of his beats and mixes and facing multiple delays due to production issue, we finally have "I'm Better Than You" by Bronx born and raised MC Mickey Factz who was listed as one of the Freshman of XXL's Class of '09. But, Mickey Factz has actually been around in the game for going on 5 years now and has released eight mixtapes to date, including the one under the microscope entitled "I'm Better Than You" hosted by Hot 97's DJ Enuff. The narcissistic title isn't necessarily a stab at other rappers, but more so a stab at the former Mickey Factz who is taking a stand in saying he is indeed better than the old him. As you go through the mixtape you'll hear Mickey preach on this especially in "Diamond Dust" and "Melodic Nightmares". I've been an avid fan of Mickey Factz for a few years now, and I must say this is the best and freshest he's sounded since his debut mixtape In Search Of N.E.R.D. Mickey's style is very eclectic and his production team understood that and delivered as well as his bars. If I HAD to find a fault with the mixtape is that I felt "Light Up" and "Empty Bottle" threw off the flow of the tape for me. "Amnesia", which was also from his Dark Phoenix mixtape should have been replaced with "Contemplation of Kings". If you take a listen to the song, I think it fits the "I'm Better Than You" theme more so than "Amnesia". Overall, the mixtape has everything for everyone from the smoothed down "Interlove/Friend Zone" and "Trinity" to bangers such as "We Young" and "Legend". You can download the mixtape HERE as well as take a look at the official tracklisting below here. In bold print are some of my personal favs.

1.Diamond Dust
2.I'm Better Than You (Feat. Steve-O)
4.Paradise Remix (Feat. Fat Joe & Bun B)
5.We Young
6.Showin Love (Feat. Count Jus)

7.Light Up
8.Empty Bottle
10.Friend Zone (Feat. Redd Stylez & Lundon)

12.Mona Lisa (feat. Chester French & Kara Rose)
14.Get By (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
16.Melodic Nightmares

17.Mind Got Blown (Feat. B.o.B.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movies To See-October 29th

October 29th


In the distant future, half of Mexico serves as a quarantined zone after an alien attack. An American journalist played by Scoot McNairy heads across the border to find his boss's daughter and bring her back to safety. From other reports, this sounds like this years "District 9" mixed with the year before that's "Cloverfield". Not bad company to be compared to in my opinion. Just the trailer alone, the cinematography looks amazing. I can't wait for this to release this weekend.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

This takes place after the previous films entitled "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" The Girl Who Played With Fire" and as our main character Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) recovers in intensive care and facing murder charges. Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) aids her once more to prove her innocence as well to take down the government officials who are slandering her name. I hate I'm just now getting into this critically acclaimed trilogy but better late than never right? That is if you enjoy action packed and drama filled foreign films like I do.

Saw 3D

The 953rd installment of the Saw series where a group of Jigsaw's survivors seek help from a fellow survivor named Bobby Dagen, who has his own dark secrets that bring about more terror to the group. I'm......not a Saw fan. Nor am I a fan of this 3D craze Tried the first one and didn't even bother with the ones after that but I do know how popular the series is and I know it's going to fill the box office sales up. So anything that drives ticket sales I'm actually supporting, and cursing at the same time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Movies To See-October 1st

This is the first entry of a new segment of my blog titled "Movies To See". Pretty self explanatory within the title, but to further explain I will be giving the synopsis, trailer and my personal opinion on select movies that I believe are must sees for that week that will be posted every Monday morning from here on out. And with out further ado...

The Social Network

The Social Network tells the story of a young Mark Zuckerburg and Eduardo Saverin who create the social networking giant "Facebook". This is depicted as the true story behind the development of Facebook and the falling out of the two friends who are played by Jesse Eisenburg and Andrew Garfield respectively. This movie is going to be pretty damn popular due to the millions on top of millions of people who use Facebook I'm sure at least half of those users will go out and see this film. And you don't want to be THAT guy/gal that hasn't seen "The Social Network" now do you? Of course you don't. I'm actually expecting it to take opening weekend and run with it for at least 2 weeks since Jackass 3-D (October 15th) is more than likely going to challenge it for that spot.

Case 39

Renee Zellweger plays a social worker who saves a girl from her abusive family, but turns out there's more to the girl than meets the eye. Also stars Jodelle Ferland and Bradley Cooper. Looks like a pretty decent horror flick that mixes in a lot of elements from past movies of the like. May not be a total original idea, but there are some innovative scenes based of the trailer alone.

Honorable Mention:

Barry Munday

Patrick Wilson plays the title character Barry Munday who suddenly wakes up in a hospital and comes to find out two of the worst things in the world for a man. 1) He's impregnated a woman and 2) He lost his family "jewels". Yes you read that correctly but of course it doesn't happen in that order or this would be considered a sci-fi rather than a comedy. Quite possibly one of the out of the box storylines I've ever heard, this movie just might be a sleeper for those who enjoy the off brand dark humor that is Little Miss Sunshine and Nacho Libre.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gainesville Quran Burnings

I'm gonna keep this short, simple, and not so sweet since no one else is on the opposing side. If you haven't heard, the city of Gainesville, Florida (my hometown) is under the radar due to a man named Pastor Terry Jones leading a group of "loyal" followers in burning the Quran at Westboro Baptist Church. I really don't care for the true reason as to why he's doing this or feels the need to make an example out of it. Maybe it's due to the Mosque (that's really a community center for Muslims) being built a couple blocks from Ground Zero or maybe it's because he thinks all Muslims are bad, and if you're Muslim you MUST be a terrorist. Before I continue, if anyone reading this actually supports Pastor Jones on this crusade I suggest you keep reading more than anyone, maybe the information below will guide you and you'll learn something that you should already know in the first place.

Terrorist-noun: a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

Nowhere in that definition or the other four definitions listed in the dictionary does it say "all Muslims are terrorists." Nor does it say "if we are opposed to anyone who supports burning the Quran, we must be supporting the terrorists too." If there is, please let me and the public know and we'll sign a petition to get the definition changed in the dictionary so everyone is on the same page. I think some of you may either be too young or just simply forgot that there was a terrorist act in our country a few years before 9/11. Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing? Guess who was behind it? Not Salim or Achmed, but USA born and bred Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols...who are also devout Christians. Not Muslims, but Christians. A religion that this country prides itself on being built around it's practice. Another group, the Ku Klux Klan was build on a warped sense of the Christian faith and we all know what they're about right, so do you catch my point?

Not all religions are bad and not all of them are "right" or should be held above another. It just so happens that members of the terrorist group Al Qaeda follow the Quran and have warped its beliefs in order to give a "logical" reason for their actions, which is also another definition of a terrorist group. So if Pastor Terry Jones is burning the Quran in the name of religion and to go against terrorism, then we should all grab our Bibles and burn those too in the name of the lives that were lost in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Oh, is that too extreme? Yea well so is the burning of the Quran. By doing this we are letting Al Qaeda win and ALSO putting our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq let alone our own people in the States in grave danger. I wish I had a solution to prevent anything like that from happening, I'm sure we all do. But burning a religious symbol in the name of...whatever they are choosing to do it for is not the way to go. Hopefully after reading this, some of you in the dark now see the other side of it all and understand that religion is just a scapegoat for terrorist acts and should never be a reason to shun all those who follow said religion, just those who support terrorism. I mean if you wanna be fickle about it, the burning of the Quran is actually a terrorist act itself. Don't believe me? Read this:

Terrorist-noun: a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

And apply that to what's happening in Gainesville and see if you change your mind.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Floyd Mayweather/Reverse Racism

"I'm on vacation for about a year, about a year. As soon as we come off vacation, we're going to cook that little black chump. We ain't worried about that. So they ain't gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget ass, I don't want you all to jump on my dick. So you all better get on the bandwagon now. Once I stomp the midget, I'll make that mother fucker make me some fried chicken and cook me some cornbread."-Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather.

That quote, is a fake obviously. If it were real then Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every other civil rights activist would have came out the woodwork to defend Floyd Mayweather. Lord forbid someone of a different race say something stereotypical or racist about black people. But it seems as if black people get a free pass and are "allowed" to say whatever racist remark they want without any repercussion. Only a few weeks removed from the Dr. Laura Schlessinger N-word rant she did live on the air in which she was making a poor attempt of making a point to a listener by using the N-word NOT calling the listener the N-word, we have Floyd Mayweather throwing out racial slurs and derogatory terms in slandering Manny Pacquiao, a man of Filipino descent, and no one bats an eye. I really don't want to hear the "well Boxing doesn't have someone in charge to reprimand Floyd Mayweather for his actions" because for starters Mayweather is a grown ass man he should know better. Secondly, no grown man should "need" someone to discipline him to know what's right from wrong and what he was just as wrong as if a white man did it. This double standard racism with black people has GOT to stop and it has to stop NOW. And it starts with us, by us I mean black people ourselves need to stop being racist. That's right, black people can indeed be racist too and are just as guilty of it as any other race of doing it. Except it seems black people get a pass in society and not only is it overlooked, it's encouraged and shrugged off as jokes.

If you have been living under a rock for the past year or you just don't follow boxing, Pacquiao and Mayweather are both professional boxing champions at the top of the whole game in the Welterweight division who were on a collision course to duke it out to claim the spot as being the best "pound for pound" fighter. Unfortunately, this mega-fight hasn't happened yet due to certain obligations that Mayweather's camp has set for Pacquiao who did not want to agree to. One of the main requirements was for Pacquiao to take an olympic-drug style test which essentially proves if an athlete is taking any performance-enhancing drugs by doing blood tests at random and within two weeks before their scheduled fight. Pacquiao declined the request, hence the hold up in the fight. That's the backstory, and now to the issue. On September 2, Floyd Mayweather who has been on a hiatus from boxing after his match and victory over Shane Mosley a few months ago got on Ustream and recorded a 10-minute long video calling out Manny Pacquiao. The comments don't start until 3:04 mark:

"I'm on vacation for about a year, about a year. As soon as we come off vacation, we're going to cook that little yellow chump. We ain't worried about that. So they ain't gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget ass, I don't want you all to jump on my dick. So you all better get on the bandwagon now. Once I stomp the midget, I'll make that mother fucker make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice."-Floyd Mayweather on Manny Pacquiao.

We'd be kidding ourselves into why this rant did not get the same attention as the Dom Imus rant, or as Dr. Laura, or even Jennifer Lopez from years ago in doing a song with Ja Rule called "Ain't It Funny" in where she said "Nigga". We all know why. But the question is where do we go from here? A good start is for Mayweather to apologize to Manny Pacquiao, which he has already done as of yesterday...sort of, the initial apology doesn't start til the 1:40 mark:

First of all, that's not an apology. A real apology consists of three parts: 1) Saying sorry. 2) Acknowledging what you did and 3) Showing remorse for your actions and how you will correct them. Stating that "you didn't mean it" and begin to list the different types of friends doesn't make you any less racist than you were 3 days ago, Floyd. All that means is you have a keen awareness of the company you keep. Saying you have friends from different groups as well as having an Asian woman sitting next to you doesn't mean you apologized. You also apologized to the wrong people aka your loyal fans and tried to salvage the ones you still had left and not once did you offer an official apology to Manny Pacquiao nor the Asian community for your insensitive comments. As a black man, I'm disgusted by this behavior being repeated time and time again by black people and then they have the nerve to get upset when someone from another race says something about them. So please, spare me the "Floyd didn't really say anything that insensitive" because what isn't sensitive to you it could be for someone else, remember that first of all. If you are black and reading this, you should be just as embarrassed as I am by Mayweather's crass statements and his half-assed apology. "Reverse Racism" as it's called and racism period is a very sensitive subject in our country for obvious reasons, but regardless as long as we, black people, keep turning away when one of our own commits a racist crime and doesn't confront this black man (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson I'm talking to YOU), then reverse racism and the coddling of black people as always being victims of race will continue. Manny Pacquiao needs someone to stand up for him and even though the civil rights movement was created with the idea to make black people equal to white people in America, then they should be held under the same spotlight when they commit a foul just as Mayweather has done.

MIxtape Feature-Ne Plus Ultra Blend

Going to feature new mixtapes and albums as often as I can via my blogsite, trying to branch out in as many avenues as I can.

My first mixtape/album is from an artist by the name of Lyve Martyr (@_Lyve) featuring Ron Rezon (@rezon3) and others with mixes done by DJ Strategy entitled Ne Plus Ultra Blend that you can find HERE. The emcees on this mixtape are all devout Christians and the majority of the material if not all would be categorized as Christian hip-hop. I haven't heard too much Christian hip-hop, but I must stay I was honestly surprised by how this mixtape turned out. Taking beats from 9th Wonder, Lupe Fiasco's "Beaming", and Common's "Universal Mind Control" (which I wish they went longer on since I love that beat) to name a few that I'm sure you'll recognize, these emcees put it down and I was throughly impressed by the talent laden on this mixtape. It was very refreshing and filled with such positivity, especially since mainstream hip hop consists of the likes of Gucci and Rick Ross ruling the radio it was nice to listen to something opposite of their lyrical content. I recommend you readers click on the links above and follow these emcees as well as listen/download their mixtape. I already have and currently transferring the songs to my Blackberry after this review.

Favorite tracks: The Entrance,, my.story, Art of Storytelling, Beaming, Crash Course, SHAKE! (my favorite track of all), Put It On, Ne Plus Flow, Questions, D.A.N.C.E., Mind Control, Relationships, Seriously Tho, shadowboxing, Unthinkable

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Keep A White Girl?

No matter how many times someone has said it to me, I still don't fully understand it. I've heard this from close friends to mere acquaintances. Family members and even co-workers. Maybe it's the way I dress, the way I talk or the female company I keep that is my best female FRIEND, who just so happens to be white herself and is also pictured with me as my Facebook and Twitter main picture. I don't know. It's a complete and total mystery to me and I honestly don't think I'll ever come to fathom this. I just want to know, how do I "look" like I date white women? Believe me, I've definitely asked and most of the time the answer boils down to: "you just look like you date white girls." Some have gone as far as saying "I could never see you being with a black woman." Some other answers I received went as follows:

"I wouldn't think that you specifically dated one race. I don't ever see you talk bad about black women."

"You seem like you're pretty open. A bit fickle, she'd have to be really smart tho. But u don't give 'whites only' vibes."

"It's obvious you won't put up with some of the crap most black girls are known for. Attitude and ignorance."

"You don't discriminate. You date who you're attracted to and who's available."

"I think you only date a certain type of woman who just happen to be primarily white. Chances are that the black women who have similar personalities, you're just not attracted to them."

Fair enough, but now you get the picture as to what I'm working with.

I'd like to break some news for those who think this: I have never, ever in my 25 years of living dated a white woman. Ever. As a matter of fact, two out of the four of my relationships were with black women. One for 4.5 years and the other for close to a year and those two relationships were the best I've had and I haven't come close to them since, and I've dated outside of my race after that. If you must know, the other two were Asian and Spanish respectively. Just not a white woman. I appreciate all races and backgrounds. I'm just a man who loves women. Period. If you're fine I'm gonna say you're fine and admire your beauty as a heterosexual man would. But I'm not going to sit her and go through reasons and keep beating a dead horse, so I'll move on.

Apparently, I'm not the only black male who has had this said to them. Some of my close friends, who are black have also encountered this. As a matter of fact when we go out, we're usually approached by women of other races and not so much black women, go figure. A fellow blogger and "tweeter", @WisdomIsMisery who also had this said to him before countless times and as a matter of fact we discussed this recently where a black woman approached him at a bar and mid-conversation told him he looks like he dates white women. Now, if you've ever had a conversation with me in real life or via public forum you'd come to the assumption that I am not the type of black male who...well, resembles that of Wakka Flocka or Gucci Mane. As a matter of fact I despise those cretins but I digress, this is about me. I wear H&M and American Rag. I don't own a pair of Jordans and never have. I don't like anything Tyler Perry. I listen to all kinds of music, with the exception of country and anything that has a stupid dance that you have to do it with. In a nutshell, I'm me. Just a big bag of pieces from different walks of life that make me into a whole.

I have "talked" to women outside of my race and in my race countless times, but once again reiterating no white women. I would also like to say I'm not above dating a white woman, because I would. I'm not here to debate against that. The real issue at hand is the notion that certain black men have a distinguished "look" about them as if they'd only date outside of their race as if a black woman isn't worthy of them. This is what I want those to understand and I'm going to speak on the behalf of all these black men who look like they wouldn't date a black woman: I have a certain "type" that isn't your stereotypical loud, crass, ghetto woman. I like to date women who have a good head on their shoulders, goal oriented and handle themselves with class. There are a plethora of black women who fit this description and I'm glad to say I am associated with a few of them so I know not all black women are loud and ghetto just like I'm sure you all know this as well. So when someone says "you look like you would date a white girl" I find it highly offensive because it's an insult not only to me, but to black women. It's almost as if you're saying we wouldn't date a black woman because they don't fit the description of having those attributes that I listed before. Now the type of "black woman" I wouldn't date is one that appears on Maury Povich 5 times looking for the father of her child. The type of "black woman" I wouldn't date is someone who sits at home collecting food stamps and unemployment instead of getting up and looking for a damn job or going to school. That's basically in a nutshell what you are saying when you say to a black male "you don't look like you would date a black woman." Now if I'm wrong, please state your case and correct me as to why some black men get this accusation. Don't get it twisted, I'm not upset by any means because I sorta see where the accusation comes from if we're looking at it from a stereotypical standpoint. But to use race as a means to state what type of women I'd date is ignorant and offensive to me and black women everywhere.