Thursday, December 3, 2009

Testing 1, 2 *feedback*

Testing from my blackberry so this doesnt count as my first entry. I'd rather write from here since its attached to my hip and I can do instant blogs. Plus I don't have a computer as of now. Well I do, I just dont care to make room to hook it back up since its prehistoric and has a 60% chance of bursting into flames. I figured I might as well start using this thing. I have WAY too much in my head just floating around. Once upon a time writing was my therapy. A way to release any tension or doubts i had. Or to just express myself and talk about my week. I think its getting to that point for me to do so again to stay sane. Just being honest. And expect that same honesty for the next several entries after this. I'll rarely talk about myself, mostly about other things. This is my way of therapy so don't be offended by what you may read after this unofficial entry. It all is for a greater purpose for ME.

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