Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Doesn't Make Mistakes...

This is a story of a young boy who was way to smart for his own good that saw the story of Santa Claus unravel before is very eyes and realized it was all a lie. And that rhymed. Two times? Alright...anyway, onto the story.

Once upon a time, little Ch...Chadwick? Yea, Chadwick and his brother Alouicious Geoffrey were visiting their great-aunt in Winter Haven, Florida a couple of days before Christmas. Great Aunt Lucille owned a pre-school where Chadwich and Alouicious...ok that name is terrible. Sam. Alouicious is Sam. Now, Chadwick and Sam were playing with the other kids before getting a surprise visit from none other than Santa Claus himself! Chadwick was buggin! All the kids were so excited to see Santa and couldn't wait to meet him and tell them what they wanted. But Chadwick being the oldest noticed something odd about Santa. He was black. All the Santas Chadwick saw up to that point were white. Chadwick even went as far as voicing this to Aunt Lucille but she replied "he's just helping Santa find out what you want then he can tell him in case you forgot to put it in your letter to Santa". Chadwick bought the story and got in line with the other children to meet Santa. Chadwick's turn came and he sat on Santa's lap and told Santa's helper he wanted an X-Men video game for his Super Nintendo. After Santa took all the little boys and girls Christmas wishes he left to "go back to the North Pole". Chadwick and Sam both exchanged their Christmas wishes with each other, by that time their parents came and they went back home.

Fast forward to Christmas Day and Chadwick, Sam, and their parents were around the tree opening their presents. Chadwick noticed he didn't get the game he told Santa's Helper and was upset. His parents asked what was wrong but he didn't say and just continued playing with the toys he did get from "Santa". Later that day, family and friends came over to exchange more gifts and pleasantries. A close friend of the family, Albert, came up to Chadwick and asked him did Santa get him everything he wanted. Chadwick sadly replied no. That's when Albert pulled out a present from his jacket and said "well this was at my house and its for you. Santa must have dropped this off by mistake." Chadwick took the present, opened it and it was the X-Men game he asked for! But he was confused. Albert noticed this and asked Chadwick what was wrong. Chadwick replied, "well, its just Santa doesn't make mistakes." Albert simply stated, "sure he does. He just forgot to give it to you." "How can Santa just 'forget' to give me something, doesn't he know all and see all?" Albert didn't have an answer for that so Chadwick bombarded his parents with questions. "Why did Santa make a mistake this time and why did he drop the present off at Albert's? Albert lives far away, if it was a mistake then the neighbors would have the present not Albert."
Like I said, Chadwick was way too smart for his age. That's when Chadwick asked "is Albert Santa Claus?" Chadwick's father felt he had to tell him the truth despite his mother not wanting to do so. At 6 years old, Chadwick learned the awful truth that Santa Claus was indeed not real. On Christmas! This broke Chadwick's little heart and he never again saw Christmas in the same light as he used to. Although, there is a bright side, there was never a Christmas Chadwick didn't get exactly what he wanted just as long as he didn't tell Sam the truth...since his dad owed it to him after ruining Christmas for him. The End!

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