Thursday, December 24, 2009


"Life is like a game of chess...

I'm not the best chess player in the world. Or even in any given room I walk into. I don't know any of the fancy strategies. I can't read any more than 5 moves ahead, let alone 2. I do know what piece is what and what it can do. I know the objective of the game is to trap the opponents King into not being able to move to win. So in short, I know the basics. With that, I can count on one hand how many games of chess I've actually won. The games I lost I'll need my fingers, toes, and another person's fingers and toes to count. That's also how I approached life up until recently.

My objective when I played chess was to just move the pieces and hopefully I'll be able to trap the king somewhere down the line. That's...not a very sound strategy. Hence my losing record being 5 times more than my winning one. That's how I feel the "Life is like a game of chess" metaphor plays out for me. The same way I played chess is how I used to approach life, just knowing what to do in order to hopefully place myself in a spot where I can win. That's fine but there's too many holes and flaws in that approach. For starters, your chances are winning are slim to none. You're not protecting yourself as the game progresses leaving you wide open. You never are prepared for what the opponent has in store for you along the way as you make your moves since you are blindly going in with the ultimate goal: trap the king. That's my main problem.

I can see and even know beforehand the answer to a problem before even hearing the whole question. Some say that its a gift to see the whole picture. I call it a curse because I overlook details on how I got to the conclusion. I just work, work, work, until I get to my goal but I couldn't turn around and tell you how I got there. I know for a fact, the only reason I won some of my games is because I played against a lesser opponent. Times are changing. My opponents are getting stronger. Obviously my strategy needs a bit of remodeling. I may have put a few of my goals in checkmate, but its time to go back to basics, create a sound strategy on how to constantly KEEP them in check. That's how you should play chess, and also how you should play life. And now to finish my own "Life is like a game of chess" quote I started earlier:

"...Know what moves you want to make before you start making them. Sometimes you don't have the luxury of being able to recover if you go in a game with a blind strategy and you'll forget the other game's objective is to also protect your King. Your opponent does have some control over how you get there, but remember its also how you play them as well. So just make sure you have room to maneuver and stay as many steps ahead as possible. The more sound moves you have planned out in your strategy to meet your goal, the quicker you'll be the one saying Checkmate."

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